5 Hairstyles To Flatteringly Fit 5 Face Shapes

Bangs, in fact, are often key to a face-flattering hairstyle

Everyone has a general face shape, and learning which hairstyles flatter facial contours is a professional’s priority. The Salon Professional Academy in Shorewood, Illinois, teaches – in its “Ultimate Face Shape Guide” – suggested cuts for specific facial types:

1. Oval: Forehead is wider than chin; long blunt cut with bangs.
2. Heart: Forehead and cheekbones are wider than chin, which tends to be very narrow; bangs or fringe on a shorter cut as well as a deep side part.
3. Square: Forehead and jawbone share similar widths; face-framing fringe and hair past shoulders.
4. Round: Prominent cheeks, and length and width of face are equal; longer layers.
5. Diamond: Cheekbones are wide, while chin and forehead are narrow; short bobs and pixies.

Thetrendspotter.net adds “rectangular” to its “The Most Flattering Haircuts for Your Face Shape.” If rectangular is the facial profile, a soft layered look may be in order: “Those with a rectangular face should work to soften the appearance of their sharp jaw and forehead without further elongating the face.”

Instead of harsh, straight, thick bangs, a rectangular face benefits from slight fringes or curtain bangs, which Lorealparisusa.com defines as ”… bangs that are parted down the middle, framing your face on each side. They’re usually on the longer side and have wispy ends, giving them a laid-back, cool-girl vibe.” Curtain bangs are also recommended for round and square faces.

Bangs, in fact, are often key to a face-flattering hairstyle, recommends thetrendspotter.net. Side-swept bangs are also ideal for squared faces. Latest-hairstyles.com puts “freshly layered side swept bangs” at the top of its 2019 Latest Hairstyles report, which conveyed, “Few things complement a great haircut or a superb color more than a side-swept bang.”

Latest-hairstyles.com offers a tutorial on achieving 46 trendy side-swept bangs looks for short, medium-length and long hair.