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5 Hairstyles To Flatteringly Fit 5 Face Shapes

5 Hairstyles To Flatteringly Fit 5 Face Shapes

Bangs, in fact, are often key to a face-flattering hairstyle Everyone has a general face shape, and learning which hairstyles flatter facial contours is a professional’s priority. The Salon Professional Academy in Shorewood, Illinois, teaches - in its “Ultimate Face Shape Guide” - suggested cuts for specific facial types: 1. Oval: Forehead is wider than chin; long blunt cut with bangs. 2. Heart: Forehead and cheekbones are wider than chin, which tends to be very narrow; bangs or fringe on a shorter cut as well as a deep side part. 3. Square: Forehead and jawbone share similar widths; face-framing fringe and hair past shoulders. 4. Round: Prominent cheeks, and length and width of face are equal; longer layers. 5. Diamond: Cheekbones are wide, while chin and forehead are narrow; short ...

Top 6 Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles

By Hank Dong If you're thinking of updating your look or maybe you're just in need of a little inspiration, well look no further - we've rounded up a few of our favourite celebrity styles which you can easily try for yourself! CARA DELEVINGNE With an utterly cool aesthetic, Cara's tousled side pony plait radiates an effortless look on the red carpet. The 22 year old model is known to be a lover of a braid and this simple style adds an interesting twist to a classic pony. The warm, tonal brown colour compliments both Cara's skin tone and untidy up-do so, switch up your daytime look with a messy plait taking you straight from the office to evening drinks. JENNIFER LOPEZ This stunning look from Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes infuses both red-carpet glamour and sophistica...