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Leo: King Of All Zodiac

True to its name, a Leo is born with that air of royalty, just like the king. They are charismatic and born to be on stage. Leos want to rule and have all inborn traits to carry that. They are dominant and nothing in this world can stop them from being that. They know what their inner strength is and have all talent to channelize it. They roar to show how proud they are to be a Leo. They have a quality to pierce straight to the heart of problem, they are so straight in their thoughts that you would end up following the born leader. Want a proof, take Princess Margaret Rose, nothing stopped her from being herself.

They are stuffed with ambition to the brim, they don’t want to live a meaningless life and want to be known by people and admired by mob. People with the Leo Sign are beneficent, idealistic and humane. People born under this sign are not among liberal thinkers, they stick to the rules and carry them to the end.

But with all those bold characteristics, Leo not always ends up being best rather the worst human beings imaginable are Leos. Leos are full of strength but if in some case these people indulge in negativity of life, they turn out to be the most arrogant, short tempered and sometimes the most dangerous person to deal with. They depict boastfulness, snobbish superiority and greed for power.

A Leo has an irresistible craving for luxury and an unseen erotic desires. Leos are filled with these feelings but have that wisdom to hide them but when these innate desires burst out, we find them turning into artists so that they can throw out what all is hidden in them. Perfect example to throw here is famous pop queen Madonna, known for expressing the deepest of her thoughts in a way which carries people away with her.

Leo at work creates wonders with their inborn pizazz provided the work has a room to the top. Leos want to rule and thus make incredible political leaders. In companies you will find them resting on CEO chair with that irresistible charm. Leos avoid manual labour thus they work hard to sit on top and make people work for them.

Coming to Leo women, just like a lioness she takes care of her cubs and walks with the grace you cannot match. A Leo women makes a tremendous social worker. She is straight, trusting and spontaneously warm.

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