Engage And Retain Customers With Outgrow x BHN Rewards Integration

As newer online marketing techniques crop up, businesses have been having a tough time maintaining customers. Marketing is like a race where countless players are running and trying to win the game. Some players join the race late while some hop in middle leaving the other players behind. Hence, if you want to stay ahead in the game, you need to be smart about not just engaging your users but also retaining them. To help our clients do this effectively, we came up with a powerful tool combo – Outgrow x BHN Rewards!

How can this combo help you? Let’s find out!

Outgrow x BHN Rewards Integration

Outgrow: Interactive Marketing Platform

Outgrow is a SaaS tool that can help you create different types of interactive experiences such as calculators, quizzes, polls, giveaways, assessments, forms, etc.


It is a no-code, user-friendly tool designed to engage customers and generate leads. In fact, brands that use Outgrow have seen improved conversion rates by over 40%.

By using interactive content, you solve the first piece of the puzzle – engaging the customers. For example, by creating a quiz like ‘Which Exercise Is Right for You?’, you let your users participate in a two-way conversation and engage with your content directly.

Which Exercise Is Right for You

BHN Rewards: Digital Rewards Platform

BHN Rewards is a digital rewards management tool that aims to help businesses fuel their rewards programs. It’s an all-in-one tool to send, track, and manage a digital reward system for customers and employees.

BHN Rewards

With BHN Rewards, it is super easy to access automated rewards from popular brands — including Amazon, Visa, and Mastercard. Using the platform, users have sent more than 3 million rewards to 160 countries.

By using a rewards program, you can easily tackle the second part of the problem – retaining customers. You can easily analyze how many rewards were claimed by your customers and how much have they benefitted from your program.

Now that we’ve discussed these two tools, let’s understand how the Outgrow-BHN Rewards integration can help marketers grow their businesses.

How Can Outgrow x BHN Rewards Integration Help Your Brand?

The Outgrow-BHN Rewards integration has a multitude of benefits for different departments of an organization.


Marketers can apply the combination of interactive content + rewards and make their marketing campaigns attractive and catchy.

For example, if you’re looking to streamline your lead generation process, you can use Outgrow’s lead gen tools like quizzes and calculators to collect relevant leads. Going further, you can nurture and qualify these leads for the sales team by using BHN Rewards program. This can be done by incentivizing all the people who complete your quiz, say, by giving free samples of your product.

This is going to greatly benefit your business by converting more MQLs (marketing qualified leads) into SQLs (sales qualifies leads).

Using this combo, you will also see a boost in engagement and a greater response rate which will help you collect more accurate data and understand customer behavior. Moreover, your audience will be excited about the ‘reward’ you’ve announced, and this will help you scale your business through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals.

These strategies will engage and retain them ultimately reduce your customer acquisition cost.


If you’re a market researcher looking to collect reliable data, you should consider using the Outgrow x BHN Rewards integration. You can collect valuable zero-party data by asking questions through Outgrow’s quiz maker or survey builder and attract more people to answer your questions with BHN Rewards incentive programs. Super smart, right?

Moreover, in addition to a greater number of responses, you will also see an improvement in the quality of responses. This will help ensure that you get accurate and actionable insights from your research work.


The Outgrow x BHN Rewards integration can also be utilized internally by company HRs. They can simply collect and analyze important data regarding employee performance through quizzes or surveys and set up awards for them based on the information gathered.

For instance,  you can test the employees at the end of an employee training program using Outgrow’s assessment tool and then provide incentives and awards to them using BHN Rewards.

You can also create work from home team building contests using Outgrow and keep exciting rewards for the winning teams using BHN Rewards.

WFH Teambuilding Contest

So these were some great use cases of Outgrow x BHN Rewards duo!

The best part is that it’s very simple to set up and use. Once your Outgrow interactive experience is integrated with BHN Rewards, all the user analytics and data collected through that piece of content will get automatically pushed into the BHN Rewards account.

Whether you’re a marketer, researcher, or HR, you can easily analyze and process all this information. Set up custom rewards for your respective campaigns, add your company branding, and get 100% visibility in your campaign results.

Isn’t Outgrow x BHN Rewards integration impressive?. Want to give it a shot? Here’s how you can quickly set things up!

How to Set up Outgrow x BHN Rewards Integration?

1. Log in to the Outgrow builder and select the content type you want to work on. You can choose from among different types such as calculators, quizzes, polls, giveaways, recommendations, assessments, forms, etc.

Outgrow content types

2. Once you are in the builder, set up your welcome screen, questions, options, results, etc.

Outgrow Builder

3. Now, in order to integrate your content with BHN Rewards, navigate to the Integrations section in the Configure tab.

4. Go to Native Integration and scroll down to find BHN Rewards.

Outgrow-BHN Rewards Integration

5. Click on the integration option and set everything up by proceeding step-by-step.

6. Finally, click on the “Go Live” button and you’ll be good to go!

Are You Ready to Engage & Retain

In this blog, we saw how combining interactive content with incentives and rewards can help you attract, convert and retain customers. So, what’re you waiting for? Get your game face on and start working towards your end goal.

Start by creating super engaging content on Outgrow and integrate it with BNH Rewards. Sign up for their 7-day free trial if you haven’t already!

Shivani is a content marketer at Outgrow. Apart from content writing, she works with the product team as well to create amazing tools. On her days off though, she loves exploring new cafes, drinking coffee, and catching up with friends.