Using Celebrity Gossip For Publicity

No matter how much they rant over celebrity gossip sites and tabloids depriving them off their rights to privacy, the other side of the coin is true as well. Celebs use these celeb gossip sites often to promote themselves and their work. Some of them are just media junkies, vying to be in the pages of entertainment news. They like to be talked about all the time. And being lovers of paparazzi scoops, you must not discard the idea that many of these scoops are actually staged by the celebs themselves! It’s a part of showbiz and there are no questions asked.

The popularity of celebrity gossip sites and portals make the celebrities look at these with sufficient interest. They feel that the celeb gossip pages could be great vehicles to connect with their fans and also get their message heard without spending a cent on PR efforts. Entertainment news pages can be wonderful ways in which they can reach out to broader sections of the people and get them to talk about what’s going on behind the scenes. As they say, any publicity is good publicity.

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Celebrities make use of celeb gossip sites especially when there is a movie release coming up. They titillate the celeb gossip lovers with updates about a possible romance between the leading pair of the movie. That sets off sparks in the world of entertainment news. Fans and movie lovers like to know that the lead pair of an upcoming movie is also dating in real life. That triggers a deep-set curiosity among the fans. Odd paparazzi scoops of the lead pair snooping here and there are not uncommon too. When the hype has been sufficiently strengthened, the movie releases. This hype generally guarantees ticket sales in the initial days. Then the movie is subject to critics’ reviews and word-of-mouth publicity. Generally speaking, the cost of production is recovered in the first weekend itself for big films. Then you know that Hollywood rumors have done their job!

Celebrity gossip sites are used by celebs for good reasons as well. Sometimes you have a celeb appealing for help to fight a cause through the celeb gossip sections. The most recent example of such a cause is the ‘Hope for Haiti’ relief work. Check out any entertainment news section and you have reports telling you how celebs are pooling their star power and money to bail Haiti out of this catastrophic disaster. The message that the George Clooneys and the Brad Pitts are trying to reach out got a wider base because they could rely on the Hollywood rumors columns. And because the stars and A-list celebrities of tinsel town were involved in the whole scheme of things, there were more sponsors, more media coverage and more fans chipping in with their contributions. These sorts of efforts complete the cycle, where celebs are able to give back to the fans what they gave the celebrities: love and support.


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