Tiger Woods – The Toast of Celebrity Gossip

In celebrity gossip circles, many are referring to Tiger Woods as a single-handed stimulus package for this industry. The celeb gossip sites went abuzz with news and updates when the greatest sporting scandal of all time came to light. The entertainment news took to this scoop like a fire takes to a dry forest. The fact that Tiger Woods had a squeaking clean image before this made matters worse for him. The paparazzi sat up and took notice, arming themselves with the latest equipment in the business and the aim to dig photos of his long line of mistresses.

The king of contemporary golf, however, disappointed the paparazzi big time. Since Thanksgiving, when his car crashed into a water hydrant as he was trying to escape a golf club brandishing Elin Woods, a real-time photo of Tiger Woods was not seen in any celebrity gossip column. Instead, the celeb gossip sites went berserk digging up the photos and background information about his mistresses. Some of them were posh club promoters and some were downright porn stars. The entertainment news tabloids and newspapers struck deals with these mistresses for evidence that they were linked to Tiger Woods. Some came out with voicemail messages; some with text messages. The only fact that pervaded all of this was that Tiger Woods was a doomed man and a PR’s nightmare.

Then the focus of the celebrity gossip sites then sifted to the wife and kids of Tiger Woods. The paparazzi wanted a shot of the distraught, wronged and cheated wife. The celeb gossip pages were building up the hype of what Elin’s next step would be: would she divorce Tiger? What will be the alimony and other monetary settlements? Entertainment news reports came up with the unconfirmed report that Tiger was begging for Elin to take him back. In fact, he was also willing to redraft the pre-nuptial agreement to entitle Elin to more money. It was like Elin would do better financially if she stayed with him rather than dump him. The moral questions of such a step were well debated as well.

Then the celebrity gossip sites perched the paparazzi in front of the rehab center Tiger was attending in Mississippi. That was his last attempt to convince his wife that he was serious about getting his marriage back on track. The celeb gossip sites speculated loudly if Elin was going to visit him in rehab. It was customary that she did for a 7-day period. Putting an end to all the speculation, Elin was there over a weekend. With precious little left in the Tiger Woods scandal, the paparazzi would surely be there to cover a little known Tavistock Cup, where he is set to end his sabbatical from golf. That will also be his first appearance on a public platform after weeks on ignominy and shame. His fans know that Tiger has it in him to be the proverbial phoenix and rise from the ashes to emerge a winner again!


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