Positive Black Role Models – Where Are They and Why Are They Important in Today’s Society?

It is very important that we have different ways to show positive black role models. This is not just important for adults, it is vital for young children to see that the colour of their skin is a good and natural part of them.

Examples of Good Role Models in Through Play

We need to educate children from a very young age about their personal identity. Once way that we can do this is through play and the toys that they get to play with.

Choosing A Doll for Your Child

when you are considering the purchase of dolls for your child, you should try to get toys with colours that represent the different skin colours of the world. There are some fantastic dolls of colour that are out there on the market. You not limited to purchasing just the Sindys and the Barbie dolls.

One lovely example that you might want to consider as a gift for your child is a toy from the Corolle range. There are plenty of other makes and models that have created adorable dolls of colour that will give a child entertained for hours on end.

Books That Provide Positive Black Role Models

There are plenty of books that you can purchase in stores or online, that have been created to provide and promote positive images of young children of colour.

You can find books packed with fun stories and colourful illustrations. These books are perfect for black children and they are also excellent resources for families who want to ensure that their offspring get a well-rounded education about the society that they live in.

Many libraries are actively sourcing these types of books so that all children from the community have access to a variety of stories that represent the variety that can be found in many schools and neighbourhoods.

Television Shows That Promote Positive Black Role Models

It has taken a while but more and more black people are cropping up as positive role models in television programmes and in films.

For younger children, a show like Yo Gabba Gabba! is great. The television programme, which is now available on DVDs, features an African-American man in one of the main roles. This is a wonderful example of a show using a black male in a fun, positive role.

There is so much negativity in the world and so much imbalance. If we can teach our children from a very early age how to be proud of the colour of their skin, we can help to ensure well-adjusted and effective members of society for the future.


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