How To Use Social Media For Branding Like A Celebrity

Being a celebrity is a never ending task. The fame and fortune that come with this status require constant effort to maintain. As a celebrity, it is very important to maintain one’s brand. The brand is what makes people keep talking about you and thus making you a celebrity. As such, a celebrity should maintain their brand. One of the tools that they can use to accomplish this is social media. There are many platforms for celebrity branding. They include YouTube, Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups. Read on to learn how to become a celebrity in your niche with the assistance of social media.

They use social media accounts to treat their fans like friends

To build their brands, celebrities using social media to get closer to their friends. The celebrities use their accounts to speak to their fans directly in a safe platform. When they post something, their fans reply and feel like they are talking to their idols. As a result, the fans feel closer to the celebrities and spread the word even more. Eventually, the celebrity brand is made stronger. For example, celebrities re-tweet their fans’ tweets. This makes the fan feel like the celebrity loves them as much as they love the celebrity. Sometimes, celebrities engage in social media feuds. These are very public disagreements with other celebrities on the social network. The fans always support their celebrities. The celebrities also post appreciation to their fans for the support. This builds a bond between the celebrities and the fans. As a result, their brands get stronger.

They use social media for self promotion

To maintain a brand, a celebrity has to perform a lot of self promotion. Social media is the ideal tool to do this. They can promote themselves by making posts, tweeting, uploading photos as well as giving opinions on current trends. This keeps the celebrities in the public eye. Even fans who are not subscribed to certain social sites will sign up to see posts made by their favorite celebrities. The celebrity can share posts about their latest activities as well as future plans. This keeps the fans informed and they feel like part of the brand. As a result, the brand gets stronger on and off the Internet.

An example of a celebrity who performs serious self promotion by using social media is Lady Gaga. The pop queen ensures that she tweets about her music by giving hints about upcoming tracks. She also uploads video and photograph teasers about any upcoming shows and tours. This keeps her fans guessing what her next move will be. Lady Gaga shares hints about the creative process of her music and art through social media. She also upload pictures about her personal life on platforms such as Instagram. Her fans are aware of almost every detail of her daily life. Thus, they feel like part of her family. They feel that Lady Gaga cares about them and they feel like part of her brand. As a result, lady Gaga is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. Her concerts sell out every time and her posts are featured on music news shows across the globe. Her brand is international and it is stronger than ever.

They use social media to increase their relevance

Sometimes, a celebrity’s star stops shining. They stop being on everybody’s lips. In yesteryear’s, this meant that their career in fame was over. However, thanks to social media a celebrity can revamp their stardom. When people stop talking about them, the celebrity can apply social media as a strategy to regain lost fame. This can be done personally or even through their Public Relations company. Today, a celebrity has no fear of getting washed up. All that they need to do is double their efforts on social media promotion and they will be back on top. A good example of a celebrity who did this is sweet, lovable Betty White. She was famous in the seventies and eighties for the show Golden Girls. People who were born in the nineties did not get to see her show much and didn’t know who she was. As a result, her star started fading. However, she revamped her fame through social media. She started tweeting funny stories and anecdotes. She also chose roles in movies and television that related to the younger generations. She let them see how funny she is. As such, she gained a strong following on Facebook and Twitter. This thrust her back into the spotlight and she even landed a spot on the popular show SNL.

They use social media to change the public’s mind

Sometimes, celebrities get involved in situations that cause their stars to fade and their brand gets hurt. Examples of such situations are court cases, adulterous relations and other negative publicity. This hurts their fans and they often abandon the celebrity. Through social media, the celebrity can win back the hearts and minds of their fans. The celebrity can go on social media and apologize for their actions. They can explain themselves too. This strategy is not always guaranteed to work. However, when it does, it works very well.

The fans understand that their celebrities are people too. Thus, when they commit mistakes and apologize for them, the fans are very likely to forgive them. Fans admire a celebrity who is humble enough to apologize publicly through their social media accounts. They will quickly flock to the fan and become even more loyal. This results in their brand being rebuilt and song, merchandise and ticket sales skyrocket once again. A good example of a celebrity who did this is Reese Witherspoon. She was involved in a conflict with law enforcement that damaged her brand. However, she apologized and now she’s stronger than ever and getting new roles.

They hire expert social media image managers

Most celebrities don’t tweet or post pictures themselves. They have a team of managers who do that for them. This team is responsible for ensuring that the celebrity’s brand is kept strong. Thus, the celebrities use these managers as a competitive advantage to stay afloat in the celebrity world. As a result, their brands stay strong and profitable.


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