Tattoo Business Owner Arrested for Underground Heroin Business

The owner of a tattoo business in Chandler was arrested for allegedly being connected to an illicit dark web drug business. According to the FBI, Jason Arnold conducted his legitimate business known as Damaged Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing on the ground floor of a building next to 4913 S Alma School Road and 2130 W Chandler Boulevard Road. A secret underground opening led to a room where he ran an illegitimate drug business.

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Arnold has, until now, maintained a clean record with his neighbouring business managers who describe him as someone kind, selfless and who is ready to help them if the need arises.

Neighbouring workers reported that in April 2017, he hosted a fundraiser to cover for damages that occurred at the next-door barber shop after a shootout. This happened after a certain customer felt dissatisfied with the tattoo services offered to him and decided to go after Arnold and his employees. He fired two shots through the window of the barbershop but missed his intended targets who were in the tattoo parlour. Surveillance footage shows a little girl almost was hit by the bullets as she was seated just next to the window.

In an interview after the shooting, Arnold said that he highly suspected the bullets were meant for him and that they were most likely coming from a certain discontented client. Apparently, an argument had erupted sometime back between him and the client after he claimed Arnold was overcharging him for a tattoo.

Arnold also said that he felt sorry after watching the footage of the shooting and that the bullets almost hit a little girl. He thought that organizing a fundraiser to cover for the losses suffered by his neighbour was the least he could do.

The FBI in Sacramento, California, confirms that he has a criminal record for past federal felonies. They show that Arnold had been arrested thrice for being involved in the sale of heroin over the dark web.

His latest arrest comes after investigations into illicit drugs led to him. The investigations began last year when undercover FBI agents went on the darknet and made four purchases of heroin from a vendor going by the name SICKNESSVERSION2. The vendor had a rating of 4.81 out of the possible five stars rating from customers.

The drugs later arrived as a package from mail delivery services. They were packaged in a similar way to gummy bears. The business name on the package was also fake as it could not be traced to any legal establishments.

Investigators tracked the mail records which led them to Arnold. At about this time, they also discovered the underground room where he stashed heroin. He was arrested together with two other people alleged to be his co-conspirators.

During the court arraignment, evidence was produced of digital currencies transactions said to be the proceeds from drug trafficking. When converted, the amount totals over $100,000. The currencies were confiscated as per laws regarding proceeds of criminal acts and are currently under the custody of California federal authorities.

Court reports state that he has a very weird tattoo on his neck that raises questions as to whether he belongs to one of the numerous secret organizations or drug cartels that force their associates to get such markings as a sign of eternal allegiance.

The three are being charged with two counts of distribution of a controlled substance and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. When reached out to, Arnold’s lawyer declined to give any information regarding the case.

The business is now closed as the FBI continues to perform investigations into the case.

FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue to make efforts in reducing the use of opioids in California. This is because the number of deaths associated with overdosing on synthetic, treatment and illicit opiates has been alarmingly increasing in the state. Statistics show that heroin is the number two killer opioid after fentanyl.

This has raised great concern among authorities, and consequently, they are applying more effort into the matter. New tactics include going undercover on dark web markets as buyers or sellers and also delivering illegal items bought over the darknet.

by: Steve_Bale