Help Stop Racial Profiling and Move America Forward Together

There are very many cases of racial profiling in this current era. However, not every individual is precise on the meaning of this highly sensitive term. Racial Profiling is the consideration of an individual’s race when profiling any suspected criminal. In the United States of America, there are very many cases where people are grouped according to their country origins basing on neighborhoods too. As such, if there is a case of theft, people may have experienced some sort of criminal offense in their locality thereby causing the police to look in the given area where the people of similar origin live in.

As Americans, we all need to help stop racial profiling and move America forward together. There are very many cases that have been happening recently which has led to some sort of division between the people in the United States. The most common occurrence that has led to division includes terrorism. Most of the people who have been caught either in the act or planning to carry out terrorism attacks have been of Muslim nature. This however does not mean that the religion condones terrorism and other terrorist acts but the act which worsens this perspective is the fact that before most attacks, the perpetrators usually recite the Quran first which worsens the cases of racial profiling.

Not every American grasps this and it has led to extensive racial profiling on many people who are Muslims. Most people just conclude that all Muslims are terrorists which is not the case. There are very many protests that have arisen due to various upcoming occurrences that lead to racial profiling. Another may include shooting of numerous black male youths due to the misconception that they all have guns and are bound to cause a mass shooting and take a couple of life. As such, most black people have been shot due to racial profiling which is not good for proper coexistence among all Americans. Instead of rushing into racial profiling, it is very important for all Americans to stick to all the rules and laws that have been set instead of drawing racial lines and profiles which only work to break the country.

I love my country just the same way I love freedom and the liberty that keeps all Americans united. It is very important for all Americans to unite as one and avoid profiling other citizens just because of their races and countries of origin. It is very important for all of us to Help Stop Racial Profiling and Move America Forward Together and all live the American dream.

Ranches Lee Hall is a pastor. He’s been online now for several years operating different blogs and online businesses and providing helpful information. He enjoy songwriting, reading the bible, playing the keyboard or piano he currently runs

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