With His All American Boy Good Looks And Wicked Sense Of Humor, There Is A Lot To Like About Jason Sudeikis

Originally from Virginia but having grown up in Kansas, while he definitely didn’t get his looks from him, Jason probably got his comedic timing from growing up with George Wendt, AKA Norm from Cheers as his uncle.

Now, everybody knows Jason’s name, and would love to scream it all night long! Since living a normal life was never in the cards for Jason, after dropping out of college he did sketch comedy all over the country, eventually landing a gig writing on Saturday Night Live in 2003. He joined the cast in 2005, and became an instant fan favorite for his celebrity impressions and impressive ability to play obnoxious A-holes.

Jason isn’t known for doing nude scenes, but he has done some stuff that will prove to you the former Weekend Update actor can get you weak in the knees, including one in the Cilian Murphy rom-com Watching the Detectives (2007).

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Good luck keeping your hands off your private dick when Jason walks around in a pair of tight fitting sweat pants that show off his very impressive bulge. Clearly he has what it takes to give a large performance! He’s part of one giant, all male ball swinging naked dude hangout in The Ten (2007). Ten out of ten, we’d watch that scene again and again!

In A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011) we see him shirtless as the group does shots, then he has sex with a woman in a pool before kissing a guy and ending up relaxing on a bed wearing only a towel as he and others watch a couple have sex.

He looks so good here wearing very little that you will be giving yourself a good old fashioned rubdown! While he’d been catcher Shane Gerald on Eastbound & Down, Kurt Buckman in the Horrible Bosses (2011) franchise, voiced a ton of characters on The Cleveland Show, and reteamed with Jennifer Aniston in We’re the Milers (2013), as much as we liked seeing him Shirtless in Sleeping With Other People (2015), it seemed like a risky move to leave SNL in 2020.

However, Jason went on to both create and star in the unlikely monster smash about a college football coach who heads to Europe to coach soccer, Ted Lasso. Based on a long forgotten series of commercials Jason made for in 2013, NBC’s soccer coverage, Jason’s performance as the lovably wholesome goof won him an Emmy, and had us shooting all sorts of ropes dreaming about showering with Lasso! Betcha he’s hung! What a talent. We’d kiss Jason Sudeikis all day long!

Winner of 11 Emmy® Awards, including back-to-back Outstanding Comedy Series wins (2021, 2022). Jason Sudeikis is a football coach leading a British soccer team. What he lacks in knowledge, he makes up for with optimism…and biscuits.