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Five Years After Ferguson Uprising, Still Seeking Justice and Healing

On the fifth anniversary of Michael Brown's death, his family and the town of Ferguson look to the past—and future—to bring about meaningful change. Michael Brown Sr. lies stock-still on his back on the floor of an art studio in St. Louis as an artist layers papier-mache on his arms, chest, and torso. Brown Sr. is a stand-in, the model for a life-size replica that St. Louis artist Dail Chambers is creating to represent Michael Brown Jr.—his deceased son. In the days and weeks that followed, other artists added their own interpretations to the cast, and community leaders, family, friends, and activists affixed messages of remembrance, of hope, as well as photos and tributes to Brown Jr. “Although everybody else has left since your death, we are still here fighting,” o...
Pacific Rim: Uprising’ is an assault on the senses

Pacific Rim: Uprising’ is an assault on the senses

Call the prosecutor! I want to charge the people behind the deafening man vs. machine actioner “Pacific Rim: Uprising” with assault and battery — on my senses. That includes my nose, which was offended by the odious odor emanating from this inferior sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s original. In the hands of director and co-writer Stephen S. DeKnight — and three more scribes — the insipid “Uprising” does nothing but pander to its Asian overseas markets with cool characters who speak Mandarin and to 11-year-old gamers with cool mechs sporting even cooler names like Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, Bracer Phoenix, Obsidian Fury and Guardian Bravo. Not even the charismatic duo of John Boyega (“Star Wars”) and Scott Eastwood (son of Clint) can save this hunk of molten metal from turning t...