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Guilt A Growing Issue As COVID-19 Survivor’s Reality Of Loss Settles In

Guilt A Growing Issue As COVID-19 Survivor’s Reality Of Loss Settles In

People are eager to return to normal after a year of coronavirus, but is the U.S. there yet? Hardly. The ongoing psychological and spiritual damage caused by the pandemic is rising, too. Guilt and shame are two prevailing emotions surrounding COVID-19. This guilt stems in part from the fact that anyone could be a potential carrier of the virus – so anyone, then, could unwittingly pass it to another person. Guilt can also arise when a person looks at the national and global death tolls and wonders how they were spared. Guilt also happens when family members can’t visit loved ones undergoing treatment at a hospital, or when someone with COVID-19 survives but reads about a infected stranger who died. A particular type of response called survivor’s guilt can occur when people lose loved ones...

JPMorgan settles biggest-ever anti-dad bias case

Payout resolves a 2017 complaint brought by ACLU alleging bank discriminated against a father seeking parental leave. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to pay $5 million to resolve a discrimination claim filed by a male employee who alleged the bank's parental leave policy was biased against dads. The payout resolves a 2017 complaint brought by the American Civil Liberties Union alleging bias against Derek Rotondo, who had applied unsuccessfully for the 16-week parental leave benefit available to employees who are the "primary caregiver" of a new kid. JPMorgan doesn't admit liability in the settlement. It's the biggest recorded settlement in a U.S. parental leave discrimination case, according to Rotondo's attorneys, and the most high-profi...