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“Radio” One Of The Most Under-Rated And Under-Appreciated Films In Movie History

“Radio” One Of The Most Under-Rated And Under-Appreciated Films In Movie History

Radio - 4 Stars (Excellent) "Radio"-the true story of high school football coach Harold Jones and a mentally-challenged young man named James Robert "Radio" Kennedy-might well be one of the most under-rated and under-appreciated movies in film history. James Kennedy was nicknamed "Radio" by the townspeople of Anderson, South Carolina because he was always listening to discarded radios. As a youth he would push or ride a grocery cart down the street, talking to no one. It was 1976 and Radio did not attend school because he was mentally challenged, and an easy target for kids more fortunate. After some football players on coach Harold Jones' T. L. Hanna High School team harass, intimidate and scare the living daylights out of Radio (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.), Jones befriends and prot...

Online Radio How to Use It to Get Your Music Fix by Richard A. Manfredi

What's on online radio? It is live streams of radio stations from around the world. With online radio, you get to listen to real radio stations through your internet connection, instead of over the air. And, online radio is always streaming � so you can listen to your favorite tunes any time of the day or night! Since online radio is made up of real radio stations from around the world, you get real DJ's picking the music. It's far better than listening to playlists that are randomly generated by a computer! When you listen to online radio, it won't be any different than if you were listening to the radio station over the air. You will get all of the same commercials, news updates, and traffic reports as the people who are listening locally. But, since your radio signal is coming over t...