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High school Students Arrested for Allegedly Employing Someone from the Dark Web to Hack Their School WIFI

Two 14 year old freshmen from Secaucus N.J. high school were recently arrested after being accused of hacking their school’s WIFI system. The two boys allegedly knocked down their school’s WIFI system so as to avoid taking a test. With the WIFI down, the teachers were not able to teach any lessons or give any tests that depended on the use of the internet. One of the students from the school, Athana Siachandris, admitted that she knew the two boys. According to her statement, she saw the two boys and even asked them about the hack. “They thought it was funny because they didn’t want to go to school,” Siachandris said. “I couldn’t access the internet. I couldn’t really do any work. My teachers were annoyed. We couldn’t take tests, couldn’t take notes,” she added. The school’s Sup...