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My Battle With The Fat Monster

Who is the Fat Monster you say? Well if you have a fat problem then you will know him very well. He is the one who is always telling you to eat. He calls your name from the fridge. He tells you to turn into the donut shop when you are driving to work. And he is the one who tells you, you are too tired to exercise.

How can you fight the Fat Monster? The first thing you must do is become aware of him on a “real” level. You can talk to him. Don’t be afraid. You can tell him who is the BOSS! You can even yell at him if you want to. As a matter of fact you should yell at him. You should yell loud and often. Tell him you are the one in charge from now on! You are the one calling the shots and you refuse to listen to him anymore! Tell him to stop calling your name and to get out of your frig. Tell you don’t even like donuts anymore! Tell him with conviction in your voice. Tell him with passion. Tell him with confidence!

Look around at you home and office space. Is he lurking there somewhere? Does he like to keep snacks in the drawers? How about the night stand? Or the foyer table? Get rid of the things he likes to hide in these secret places. Tell him you won’t be keeping him supplied anymore. Tell him you will only be eating your planned meals and snacks from now on.

Be strong and win YOUR battle with the Fat Monster!

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