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Florence Pugh May Be Young, But She Is Far From Innocent

This British blonde made her debut in the film, The Falling (2014) playing a naughty schoolgirl where she can be seen showing her bra and banging co-eds in typical teen rebellion fashion. We get to see more of her as a sexy cam-model in the murder series, Marcella (2016). She has no problem showing her small, yet mesmerizing breasts while performing for a customer. She doesn’t stop her hotness there! She pays homage to Shakespeare in Lady Macbeth (2016) as Katherine who disrobes in a sultry scene that shows us her sensational seat meat. In another scene, she undresses yet again and stands against the wall to let us see her buns while her husband masturbates to it off screen. - Amateur Fetish Videos

We can’t blame the guy! We get to see her right breast when she is in the bathtub being scrubbed down by a servant girl. What a lucky servant.   Florence continued her streak getting topless in historical dramas with her role as Elizabeth Burgh in Outlaw King (2018). She gets undressed for a sex scene of historic proportions with Robert the Bruce played by Chris Pine. Pugh likely makes him spew! That’s how we feel watching her in Little Drummer Girl (2018) where she shows off her pokies in several thin dresses and tops. We also see Florence undress to her bra and panties in a scene where she takes it all off in the woods. We love watching her boobs bounce as she spins around in her underwear to show the guy she’s with that she’s clean of any wires or weapons. We’d love to put something else in her hands though. With all this nudity, we think it’s time for this hottie to cross the pond and make her way to the good ole’ U.S. of A.

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