Stupid Son Of A B*tch’: David Letterman UNLOADS His Comedic Savagery On President ‘Trumpy’

During a recent interview with Vulture, former Late Show host David Letterman didn’t pull any punches when talking about one of his favorite political punching bags, President Donald Trump.

In the interview, Letterman opines about all the jokes he could have made about “Trumpy” had he not decided to retire from his late-night talk show. When asked about his feelings about how late-night shows are now using the power of social media to reach their audience, Letterman acknowledged that it could be a “useful tool.”

But the idea of Twitter: Trumpy — my son, Harry, and I call him ‘Trumpy’ — has really got something with it. Rather than a laughable expression of ego run amok, it could be a useful tool,” Letterman said.

“If we get a president sometime soon who does not have a mental disorder, Twitter will be useful,” Letterman added.

However, the comedian took a more serious tone when addressing the feud between Trump and civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), stating that Trump’s disrespectful behavior “broke” his heart.

“He’s ignorant in a way that’s insulting to the office, insulting to America, insulting to human rights, insulting to civil rights, insulting to John Lewis. Trump saying that broke my heart. I thought, ‘You stupid son of a bitch. You ought to have known better than that,’” Letterman said.

Lewis suffered a fractured skull in Selma, Alabama, during a peaceful march alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, in an incident that is now referred to as “Bloody Sunday.”

“Lewis goes down there and gets a goddamned skull fracture. I mean, Trumpy will never have to worry about a skull fracture because of the hair,” Letterman said.

“How do you know if Donald Trump is lying? His lips are moving,” Letterman added.

Letterman also joked about how his crew would’ve had to “drag” him off stage had he not retired, because he’d have so much material to do on Trump.

“[P]eople would have to come and take me off the stage. ‘Dave, that’s enough about Trump. We’ve run out of tape,’” Letterman said.

It will be interesting to see if Trump goes after Letterman. And could it be possible that after finishing his 33-year career in 2015, a feud with the POTUS would be just what it takes to lure the former Late Show host out of retirement?

It seems unlikely. However, we all thought the same thing about “President Trump,” being anything more than a funny skit on SNL. These are extraordinary times where people like Letterman are finding it harder and harder to stay quiet about Trump’s disgraceful presidency. Hopefully, the comedian will inspire more influential people to speak up, because contrary to what Trump fans say, the opinions of famous celebrities do matter. If they didn’t Scott Baio would have probably been dropping fries at Burger King instead of speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Come back, Dave; we need you.