Youth: A Critical Stage In Life

I enjoy writing to young people like myself not because our old folks know better and do not need the information (which of course they do, and in fact should read it), but because a youthful psyche is one which is easily and readily flexible to both the positive influence (principles, knowledge, truths) about life or the negative appeals in our society.

The youthful life is the period where characters are materialized, values are developed and choices are made. The choices and decisions that would transform our lives and even forthcoming generations, in spite of our present dilemma, will be taken during this phase of life. Steven Covey, who was an author and great teacher wrote, “I am not a product of my circumstance. I am a product of my decisions.” Hence, the need for enlightenment and motivation; aimed at decision making and persistent optimism to remain in the right track, without losing the rails along the line.

Enlightenment can only come from voluntary willingness to be informed. Information is knowledge, and knowledge itself is power. If we are informed, we can easily identify your purpose in life.
Everyone has a purpose on this earth. We did not just come into this world to consume material goods and services, go to school, or get that job, get married, give birth and die afterwards. Or did we? That would be a life totally wasted. Albert Schuster once said, “the tragedy of life is not that we die, but what dies inside a man while he lives.”

We are also very privileged to be beneficiaries of the materials that men before us have written down, so that the wisdom and knowledge which they acquired through experiences and careful study of life is easily at our disposal.
The world is transforming itself in different forms. Information is increasing at very tremendous speed. Research has indicated that every sixty seconds, 2000 typewritten pages are added to man’s knowledge and the material produced every 24 hours takes one person five years to read. Even a computer memory can logically compute 6 million words per second into permanent storage and this is as similar as assimilating the entire bible six times in one second. So anyone at any point in time always has something to learn in life.
Most times, real deal is not in the reading and learning but in the practical application. Often, we do listen to good inspiration words and think: “wow, I should do that” to something worth trying that was stated, and then leave it at that. Why not just apply it?

If you have already discovered your purpose, build on it. Whatever worthwhile endeavour you have been up to, give your best. Push yourself. Do it at 2x – 10x the amount. Exercise for twice as long, write 5x as much as you normally do or even study 10x as hard. Challenge yourself to break some limiting beliefs and boundaries that you have.
As final words, I’ll recall the story of a student who once wrote to the famous preacher Henry Ward Beecher, asking him how he could get ‘an easy job’. Mr. Beecher answered, “if that’s your attitude, You’ll never amount to anything. You cannot be an editor or become a lawyer or even think of entering the ministry. None of these professions are easy. You will have to forget the fields of merchandising and shipping, abhor the practice of politics, and forget about the difficult field of medicine. To be a farmer or even good soldier, you must study and think. My son, you have come into a hard world. I know of only one easy place in it, and that is in the grave.”
I’ll stop here today and continue next time.

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