Narcissist, Psychopath Or Sociopath? Who Is Who?


A narcissist is somebody who lacks empathy, is grandiose and entitled. This person is seeking validation and is very arrogant. We may claim that narcissism is a disorder of self-esteem. They have huge problems with balancing their self-esteem. You actually can teach them to be empathetic for a minute but it is not long-lasting.

When a narcissist does a bad thing they feel guilty and shameful. There is more shame than guilt in them because they are more concerned about how other people view them. Their public image is the most important thing than other people. E.g. they may feel a little bad if they cheat on their wife. They can think “oh, I shouldn’t have done that but I am OK so she must be OK”.


Psychopath is a different person. He has no feelings of guilt nor shame. He doesn’t feel any remorse when he did something bad. He doesn’t care who gets hurt. That is why a psychopath is a great serial killer or hired assassin. He just goes and does his bloody job. Afterward, he comes back home to eat dinner and watch TV with their families as nothing happened.

The difference between the psychopath and the sociopath confuse many people. A sociopath is a lot more like the psychopath: he also does bad things and he doesn’t care. The main difference is that psychopath is born and a sociopath must trained before.

Psychopath has a different autonomic nervous system. Our autonomic nervous system is that part that holds our sympathetic nervous system. Which is our fight or flight system. Our autonomic nervous system for a normal person gets charged up if we break a rule. It can happen when we did something embarrassing or rude. Then we can sweat, our eyes are wide open, we look around because we are afraid of consequences. Normal people don’t like those feelings.

A psychopath doesn’t care as he doesn’t feel at all. That is why they can lie on lie detector tests and they get away with it without any stress. For instance, he could transport a dead body in his trunk and he wouldn’t get anxious at all. If the police stop him, he is charming and relaxed as he doesn’t care what is in his car.

There have been doing interesting research with position emission tomography(PET) scans. Where you can see how the brain functions. The section of psychopath’s brain where is empathy doesn’t light up. It is inactive comparing to a normal person.

A lot of psychopaths who commit violent crimes end up in jail. Those who commit white-collar crimes, they end up as multi-billionaires. It can happen as they can do rough stuff in their business and get through at ease. They can call for the killings for other people and come back to their businesses.


Sociopath tend to have father who have lots of antisocial tendencies. He learned many sociopathic traits but many things are genetic and it is hard to detect it. He tend to be very intelligent with shallow charm and glib.

A sociopath is e.g. a kid grows up in a rough neighborhood and learns criminality or how to be a bully. But it is not always comfortable for them. He must learn it to survive an abusive environment. That training may happen within the family or within their job. It also happens in a military training too.

His father can teach them how to break the rules. He doesn’t feel good about this role but he has no choice but to learn it. He must learn how to suppress their feelings and responses to adjust to a new world order.

Other people may say: “oh, this is a great kid until he got to high school as he got in with the wrong kids”. They learn proper behaviors to assimilate into society. But this is only a charming, fake facade.

Psychopath and sociopath don’t come in for therapy as they don’t see any benefit to it. The only time when they come to the therapy is if they were court-ordered. If they end up in jail, they are not happy about it.

They act first and think later. That’s why they have a tendency to lie, cheat, steal. They tend to have very inconsistent work histories because they are not able to hold their jobs.

If you get involved in a romantic relationship with them, you are in danger. They like hurting people as it gives them some pleasure, power, and control over them. They don’t feel empathy but they understand human behaviors very well. They read people like a book so they find their vulnerabilities to use it against them.

Psychopath, sociopath and narcissists are great chameleons. They are great manipulators to change the situation in order to get what they want. They view the world as an instrument to fulfill their desires. Other people are nothing more like objects to use, exploit, punish and destroy.


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