Amazing Quiz Ideas You Need To Try ASAP [+Industry-Based Templates]

If you’re looking to create a quiz that actually helps you convert, you’ve come to the right place. Incoming: 50+ quiz ideas!

If you are reading this, you’re most probably a marketer or a business trying to create quizzes to up your marketing game. You don’t want quizzes that just look pretty but something that provides value to your prospects and makes them your loyal customers.

So, to help you generate qualified leads and boost your overall engagement, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing and well-ranked quiz ideas for you.

Amazing quiz ideas

So, without wasting another moment, let’s dive right in!

Types of Quizzes You Can Create

Confused about where to start when it comes to creating your own interactive quiz? Let’s start from the beginning and understand the different types of quizzes that you can create!

1. Personality Quiz

The most popular quiz type, personality quizzes, have been leading the interactive content game since the very beginning.

Personality quizzes help unleash a unique side of one’s personality in an interactive and entertaining manner. It can be about anything including their traits, habits, mindset, interests, etc.

Example: “How unhealthy are you?” quiz (more on this later)

With a well-structured quiz, you can provide some valuable outcomes to your users and gain their trust. And with an increasing flow of responses, you can analyze and segment the gathered information and process them into retargeting campaigns.

2. Product Recommendation Quiz

Isn’t it very confusing to choose a product from a wide range of options? Product recommendation quizzes are your one-stop solution to make the buying decision easier for your users.

A product recommendation quiz can act like a personal shopper for users where they can select options as per their preferences and get the best-suited recommendation as a result. This type of quiz can be very useful, especially if you run an eCommerce site.

Example: “Which Sunglasses Suit Your Face the Best?”

3. BuzzFeed Quiz

Similar to personality quizzes, BuzzFeed-style quizzes are also known for offering outcomes that are both entertaining and favorable and tend to resonate with the audiences.

This type of quiz gives you the opportunity to weave popular trends and celebrities into your content.

Example: Your Favorite Anime Character Will Reveal Your Personality

Also known as pop-culture quizzes, BuzzFeed quizzes are mostly known for being extremely engaging and entertaining. These quizzes are often seen to be trending on social media.

4. Trivia Quiz

Everybody enjoys an evening of fun trivia games. Trivia quizzes are a set of questions that you can create to test your audience’s knowledge on any topic.

Once your users get the hang of it, they can really get addicted to your fun trivia quizzes. But make sure that you maintain a balance between the difficult and easy questions. If your quiz has a lot of difficult questions, users are more likely to drop off in between.

Example: “Sugar & Sweeteners Quiz: Test Your Sugar Smarts”

So, create your own trivia quiz and promote your brand through a fun learning experience among your target audiences!

5. Assessment

Assessments are knowledge quizzes with a set of questions on a particular subject. If you’re willing to test your users on any subject, this is the right quiz type for you. You can also choose to display the correct answer after each question.

Each correct answer will help your user earn some points, and at the end of the quiz, they can find out their overall score.

Example: “Are You Aware of the Basics of Meditation?”

Now that we’ve understood the various types of quizzes that you can create, let’s have a look at some of the most amazing quiz ideas that you can actually implement!


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The Most Popular Industry-based Quiz Ideas & Titles For You

Let’s show you quiz ideas for different types of quizzes under different industries:

1. Health & Wellness

Personality Quiz: How Unhealthy Are You?

Health and wellness is often an area of focus for individuals. Hence, it’s always a great idea to create a personality quiz on how healthy their lifestyle is. The above quiz asks a series of questions regarding a user’s daily food habits and lets them know how healthy or unhealthy they are at the end.

You can create a similar quiz on Outgrow or use the exact template by clicking here

Product Quiz: Which Highline Wellness Product is Best For You?

Product recommendation quizzes are the most convenient way of online shopping as it helps save a lot of time and effort. This is the perfect example of a wellness product quiz. Your users can answer a set of questions regarding their issues and preferences and find out the most suitable products.

BuzzFeed Quiz: How Much Of A Wellness Hoe Are You?

BuzzFeed quizzes are often entertaining and trendy. And the above quiz is just the right example of a wellness BuzzFeed-style quiz. It displays a checklist asking you to select all the options that you can relate with, and at the end lets you know how big a wellness freak you are.

Trivia Quiz: 35 Medical Trivia Questions Only Genuises Will Get Right

Trivia quizzes are the perfect way to test your knowledge on a given topic in a fun, informal way. The above is an example of a medical trivia quiz that asks some basic questions to check the health and wellness IQ of the users.

Assessment: Human Health Assessment

If you’re looking to test the knowledge of your audience on human health, this is the perfect quiz for you. This assessment on human health asks some of the most basic questions related to human health and will help your audience widen their knowledge base on the subject.

2. Travel

Personality Quiz: The Ultimate Summer Destination Quiz

With this quiz, you can help your users find out their ultimate summer destination. This personality quiz will ask you a host of questions including your personality traits, preferred seasons, interests, etc., and tell you where you should take your next trip based on your personality. And people love to take quizzes like this!

Product Quiz: Which Tripod Do You Need To Have?

This is the perfect product quiz if you’re trying to sell travel accessories like a tripod stand. It includes questions about the preferred budget, size, color, quality, weight, etc., and finally showcases the best choice for your users!

BuzzFeed Quiz: Just Order Some Indian Food And We’ll Reveal Where You Should Travel Next

This is a very interesting quiz. It will show you a series of questions about your favorite Indian dishes and as a result, tell you where you should travel next. So whether you are a travel company or a food joint, you can totally go for this quiz!

Trivia Quiz: Travel Quiz: Do You Like To Test Your Knowledge?

You can implement this quiz idea and create your own trivia quiz to test the knowledge of your users on any travel destination or ‘traveling’ in general.

Assessment: How Well Do You Know Central America?

This assessment will help enhance your knowledge of Central America, its capital, important cities, islands, etc. It can be an interesting learning experience for your travel-enthusiast users.

3. Sports

Personality Quiz: Which Sport Is Right For Your Fitness Goals?

There are various quiz ideas for creating a personality quiz on sports. The above is an example of one such quiz. It will ask you a range of questions about yourself and tell you which sport you should play in order to stay fit.

Product + BuzzFeed Quiz: Plan A Workout And We’ll Give You A Dream Sports Bra To Wear

This one is an interesting combination of a BuzzFeed quiz and product recommendation in collaboration with Adidas. It asks you to plan a workout routine for yourself by answering some questions. And at the end, you can find a sports bra recommendation for yourself! This sort of quiz will not just help your users find a suitable product, but will also help boost your engagement.

Trivia Quiz: Sports Trivia For Non-sports People

This fun trivia quiz is an amazing quiz idea to test the knowledge of non-sports people. It will help test the sports GK of users and impart some knowledge at the same time.

Assessment: 87% of People Can’t Identify Which Sport Each of These Athletes Is Famous For! Can You?

This assessment displays pictures of various sportspersons and asks you to identify the sport they play. The use of graphics and images makes this a particularly interesting one. Such quizzes are some of the most engaging quiz-types!

4. Education

Personality Quiz: What Type of Student Are You?

If you run an educational website, you can cut out the monotony of studying for your users with some fun personality quizzes every now and then. This personality quiz has a range of questions about your habits, interests, goals, and situational questions. By answering them all, you can find out what type of student you are.

Product Quiz: Finally enroll in that perfect course you have been waiting for all your life!

This is a course-recommendation quiz. In this quiz, you can answer some questions about your career choice, area of interest, time availability, etc., and find out which course will best suit your preferences. Such quizzes can be extremely useful for educational websites offering a wide range of courses.

BuzzFeed Quiz: Only 38% Of Adults Can Actually Pass This Deceptively Difficult School Test

If you’re looking to find out if the IQ of your users is really as good as they claim, this quiz is perfect for you. You can ask these very basic and talked-about questions and the scores will determine whether they are intelligent enough or not!

Trivia Quiz: Math Trivia Quiz

Knowledge trivia quizzes are one of the most popular quiz ideas implemented by marketers in this industry. This one is a Math Trivia Quiz. You can solve the math problems given and find out your score.

Assessment: Test Your English

You can use this assessment to test the English speaking and writing skills of your audience. It simply requires users to answer a wide range of questions and you can find out how proficient they are in English.

5. Finance

Personality Quiz: What’s Your Money Personality?

Ask your users to answer some questions about themselves, their preferences, opinions and interests, and help them discover their money personality.

Product Quiz:  Are You Eligible for Our Bank’s Credit Card?

This product quiz can help your users’ check their eligibility for a bank credit card. They can simply share some information about their income, expenditure, savings, etc. and find out.

BuzzFeed Quiz: Answer 8 Questions About Your Money Habits And We’ll Give You A Budgeting Tip

Like all others, this BuzzFeed quiz comes with a different twist. Here, you can answer some questions about your money spending habits and get a good budgeting tip.

Trivia Quiz: Twenty Trivia Questions About Financial Services

This one’s a trivia quiz based on financial services to test how aware your users are. The final score after answering the questions can help them find out how well they are acquainted with the basics of financial services in America.

Assessment: Finance Test

This assessment is designed to test your grasp of important concepts, terminologies, definitions, etc, of finance. With a score of 80% and above, you can show that you have a strong background in finance and pursue this for your future. You can use this quiz idea to guide your users on whether they should choose finance as a career option or not!

6. Marketing

Personality Quiz: How to Define Your Brand Personality?

This quiz can help you help marketers! Ask them to answer some questions about their business including the approach, the objectives, etc. and they can find out their brand personality. And based on the brand personality, they can structurize their further marketing plan and widen their reach faster.

Product Quiz: Which Sponsorship Package Should You Choose?

This is a product quiz to help marketers choose a suitable sponsorship package for their next event or marketing campaign. You can share some information about your company and budget, and find out!

BuzzFeed Quiz: Create An Ad And We’ll Tell You Which “Mad Men” Character You Are

This fun BuzzFeed quiz asks you to create an advertisement and as a result, reveals which ‘Mad Men’ character you are. This is one of the most sought-after BuzzFeed-style quiz ideas where you can weave in pop culture trends and make your quiz more engaging.

Trivia Quiz: Digital Marketing Quiz

Trivia quizzes are simple knowledge tests to help brush up your grasp on any given subject. This one is a perfect example of the same. This digital marketing trivia quiz by BrightEdge asks some very basic digital marketing questions and provides an overall score at the end.

Assessment: Are You Really a Facebook Marketing Expert?

The perfect quiz for all marketers! This assessment quiz will check your knowledge and understanding of Facebook marketing. It asks general questions related to content, engagement, features, etc. to help you widen your knowledge on the subject.

7. Fashion & Beauty

Personality Quiz: Which Beard Style Suits You?

You can use this quiz if you run a men’s grooming company. It asks a set of simple questions related to the looks, preferences, and style of the user, and recommends a beard style for them!

Product Quiz: Which Makeup Set Suits Your Face the Best?

This makeup recommendation quiz is perfect for cosmetic sellers. It asks you questions about your budget, skin tone and type, and frequency of using makeup. The information you share is then processed and you’ll be greeted with a results page displaying the makeup set that suits you the best.

BuzzFeed Quiz: Say “Yay” Or “Nay” To These Y2K Outfits And We’ll Guess Your Age With 93% Accuracy

This trending quiz is all about the Y2K fashion which is clearly making a comeback. Select from a range of Y2K outfits and find out your age (with 93% accuracy)!

Trivia Quiz: Beauty & Fashion Trivia Questions

20 of the best fashion-themed quiz questions

Beauty and fashion influencers can take note. This set of questions tests your beauty and fashion IQ. Answer them and find out how high your beauty IQ is.

Assessment: Can you Answer the Most Asked Beauty Questions?

This assessment asks questions about beauty and skincare routines and you can use this to test the knowledge of your audience. They can just answer the questions to see how well they know about the most common and preferred beauty and skincare tips.

8. Entertainment

Personality Quiz: Which Oscar Best Picture Nominee Are You?

Entertainment quizzes have come a long way and continue to be one of the most engaging marketing tools. Use this quiz to entertain your audience a little more. It requires you to answer some questions about yourself- your favorite pass time, dream holiday city, fav snack, etc., and find out which Oscar Best Picture Nominee you are.

Product Quiz: Do You Need A 4K TV?

This product quiz will ask users questions about their TV watching habits and tell them why they should or should not buy a new ultra HD TV.

BuzzFeed Quiz: Do You Know The Famous Voices Behind These Classic Characters?

This one is an entertaining BuzzFeed quiz to see if you know the names of the dubbing artists of various characters from the most famous animated movies and shows.

Trivia Quiz: Can You Guess Which of The Office Characters Said These Dialogues?

Quizzes based on TV shows and movies are one of the most popular quiz styles. This trivia quiz will tell you if you’re actually a die-hard fan of The Office as you claim. Guess the characters who said the given dialogues and find out!

Assessment: 125 Fun Movie Trivia Questions (With Answers)

This is the perfect quiz to check your audience’s GK with regard to the entertainment industry. Answer the given questions and find out your score!

9. Technology

Personality Quiz: Which Tech Career Fits You Best?

Career advice quizzes are getting popular by the day. This personality quiz will ask you some questions about yourself- your personality, interests, habits, etc. and tell you which career in the tech field is best suited for you.

Product Quiz: Which Flagship Apple, Huawei, or Samsung Phone Should you Buy?

quiz ideas

This is a mobile phone product recommendation quiz best suited for mobile phone sellers. You can ask your customers to share some information about their budget, feature requirements, usage, etc., and help them find out which smartphone they should purchase.

BuzzFeed Quiz: If You Know 14 Of These 18 Tech Terms You’re Basically A Robot

This BuzzFeed quiz aims to test users on some tech terms. It claims that if you answer 14 out of 18 questions correctly, you’re basically a robot.

Trivia Quiz: Transportation and Technology Firsts Quiz

This tech and transportation trivia quiz can help to quickly brush up your general knowledge on the subject. This is a great quiz for tech and automobile enthusiasts!

Assessment: How Much Do You Know About The New iPhone 12?

This is an assessment asking questions about the new iPhone 12. You can answer the questions and also learn more about the phone at the same time. Implement this quiz idea to test your users and maybe sell an iphone or two!

10. Food & Beverages

Personality Quiz: What kind of a National π Day Pie are you?

Answer a series of some GK questions mixed with questions based on your choices, and find out which Pi Day pie you are. This could be a fun quiz for a pie lover!

Product Quiz: Which Protein Should I Be Taking?

This product quiz will ask you some questions about your workout routine and habits and based on the information, recommend a protein powder that will best suit your needs and help you stay fit. Gym lovers and fitness enthusiasts will absolutely love this one!

BuzzFeed Quiz: Choose A Whole Bunch Of Junk Food And We’ll Reveal Which Of Andy’s Fashionable “Devil Wears Prada” Outfits Suits You The Best

This BuzzFeed quiz is nothing but a full-fledged entertainment package. You can select a bunch of your favorite junk food and find out which of the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ outfits will suit you the best!

Trivia Quiz: Food Quiz

quiz ideas

Foodies are going to enjoy this one. Take this food trivia quiz to find out if you really are a smarty when it comes to culinary. Answer the questions and gain some knowledge!

Assessment: BBC Good Food’s Ultimate Food & Drink Quiz

This Ultimate Food & Drink Quiz by BBC is a well-structured assessment to test and impart knowledge on the simple processes involved with cooking, some terminologies used, some basic GK, and much more.

Woah…now that was a crazy list of quiz ideas!

These are some of the best, hand-picked quizzes from the internet. You can check them out for getting inspiration and start creating your own.

It is given that quizzes have a multitude of benefits to offer including increased engagement and access to reliable, first-party data.

But to make your quiz work, there are certain factors that you need to consider while working on it.

One of the most important elements is the quiz title. Your quiz title is the very first thing that a user will see when he/she clicks on it. Hence, it is crucial that you create a title that’s catchy and relevant to your audience. Here’s a simple checklist that you can use while writing your quiz title.

Factors to Consider While Creating a Quiz Title

1. The power of ‘You’ or ‘Your’ – use more of them

2. Odd numbers work better than even

3. Provoke your quiz takers – add emotions

4. Keep them short & sweet – the sweet spot is 8 words (~60 characters)


There you go! We hope that we’ve been able to provide you with enough information on the different types of quizzes and some usable quiz ideas and templates.

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If you think that we missed out on anything, please let us know in the comments section below! 🙂