Celebrities Who Were Assholes Even Before They Were Famous

Most celebrities try to cultivate an air of otherworldliness around their persona when they’re in public. This makes sense, because to the every day person, celebrities are from another world. But let’s not forget that movie and rock stars were just regular people before their careers took off – and some of them were total jerks. Sometimes, we think we know who the meanest celebrities are. For a while, Harrison Ford was on top of that list, but then he started answering Star Wars questions and all was forgiven. But some of the rudest celebrities don’t have a galaxy far far away to fall back on, and are just total meanies. If you’ve never had a celebrity encounter, and don’t know who not to approach, just peruse this handy list of celebrities who’ve always been rude.
As a rule of thumb, most celebrities who are rude try to keep their less than savory behavior under wraps in case the fan they’re being rude to blabs to the press. But before super rude celebs were famous, they weren’t worried about gossip rags or being exposed by bloggers, so they let their rude flag fly. A lot of celebrities have a PR person who knows how to spin their client’s bad behavior, but some celebs are just jerks down to the bone, and this list is going to expose the who’s who amongst the jerks. Take off your rose-colored glasses and prepare to take a trip down memory lane to find out which celebrities were assholes even before they were famous.