The Best Screenshots of Celebs Texting Each Other

Unfortunately, many times when you see screenshots of celebs texting each other or interacting online, they tend to be beneath a headline trumpeting a massive scandal of some sort. But have you ever wondered how celebs interact with each other online the rest of the time? After all, we live in a digital age where texting, Twitter, and Instagram have become near inescapable parts of our reality and the chances are slim that famous people only utilize them to cheat on each other and insult each other.

That’s why we’ve put together the following collection of less-than-scandalous interactions between celebrities online and via text message. Here you’ll see some of your favorite actors, singers, and personalities joking around, arranging playdates, and even giving each other a little helpful advice every now and then, without all the drama. You’ll get a peek at some of the hilarious Instagram comments between stars like Drake and Justin Bieber and check out a couple of texts from Taylor Swift that are probably exactly what you always imagined them to be.
So toss out the gossip column and come on in for a little fun. Here you’ll see your favorite stars in the same light that probably made you a fan in the first place.