The Celebrity Culture

We live in a world which is based on illusion and perception. We are obsessed by the way other people live and look. We look enviously at the world of celebrity, and we wish that we had their lives instead of our own. This is amplified tenfold when we see how people look on the covers of the multitude of magazines out there.

Beautiful faces and bodies grace magazine covers and advertisements. They draw us in, tempting us to make a purchase, as if by doing this we may discover some secret as to what a particular celebrity does to look like he or she does. We fantasise about how life would be like if we where celebrities. How popular and loved we could be, wouldn’t it just be wonderful.

This is all an illusion that preys on our feelings of inadequacy when we compare ourselves to the celebrity. Take away the illusion and we are left with a very different reality. Many celebrities crave two things, and they are money and fame, many will go to great lengths to achieve both. The beautiful face on a cover with a lovely smile is not actually looking at you. It is looking at a camera, it doesn’t know you, and it isn’t even aware of your existence.

In a world gone mad celebrities have become out role models. We want to look like them and we want to have bodies like they have. We fall into the trap of thinking that if we use the products that they use, or try to mimic their lifestyles to a degree where possible, we to will become similar to them or form some kind of connection with them.

Why do you think companies pay huge amounts of money to celebrities to endorse their products? They do so in the hope that the public will spend their money buying these products. Many of us fall into this trap on a regular basis; we put our hands in our pockets in the vain hope that we can be just as beautiful as the people that advertise these products.

The truth is that this is never going to happen. Models and celebrities are chosen to endorse products and picked for magazine photo shoots because they already are beautiful and have great bodies. It doesn’t just stop there; you have to remember that there is a lot of work that has to be done before these people are photographed or filmed.

There are professional makeup artist that apply their trade onto faces. There are professional hairdressers that lovingly look after locks. There are professional wardrobe people that pick the clothes that are best going to show of the celebrities attributes. Magazines have people that airbrush any little defects out of a picture. There are is an array of lights which are going to make someone look even better when they are being filmed or photographed. Only when all this is complete do we get to see the finished article.

Time and time again we fall the belief that if we use a particular moisturiser, a certain perfume, or a certain hair conditioner, we will in some way start resembling the person that is endorsing that particular product. The whole concept is insane, and yet it doesn’t stop us from flittering away millions each year.

We need to shift our focus onto ourselves, away from the mad world we so often get caught up in. we need to start thinking about what we can do to be the best that we can, instead of trying to mimic others. We can all look better and have much better bodies; we can do this by eating more healthy and exercising on a regular basis. Just because someone had the good luck to be born with great genetics and a beautiful face doesn’t make that person any better than you or me.

It’s pointless for a person to wish to be born with a beautiful body and beautiful face. Wishing means absolutely nothing, wishing means grasping for something you will never have, on the other hand action means everything. We are all individuals, we have our good points and we have our bad points. We need to learn to start thinking of ourselves as important and worthwhile people, simply because we are. Forget the fantasy world of the celebrity because more often than not it is just a charade. Celebrities have their problems just like everyone else; otherwise they wouldn’t be plastered all over the front of the newspapers. Take away their money, their looks, their expensive makeup, their personal trainers, and you are left with a person who is just ordinary. Value yourself and try to make real improvements in your own life, because your well being and happiness will come from yourself and not from trying to be someone else. Live your life by being true to yourself.

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