Detroit Rapper Arrested for Alleged Darknet Fraud Activities

Rap verses are frequently brought in as “proof” in U.S. courts, with artists confronting discipline for their public portrayal and choice of lyrics.

In the case of a rapper from Detroit, his online presence shows that the fraudulent activity he was depicting appears very genuine, at least according to prosecutors.

Reports from Detroit News claim that the 25-year-old rapper known by the name Selfmade Kash, whose real name is Jonathan Woods, has been indicted on charges of identity theft, wire fraud and possession of unauthorized devices.

He allegedly shared his fraud expertise with others, teaching them how to use the dark web to search for stolen BINs (bank identification numbers).

Selfmade Kash alluded to himself as the “Swipe God,” and has every now and again gloated about credit card theft in his music and via social media on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Offering Insider Tips on Identity Theft

According to the arraignment, Woods taught people how to explore the dark web to purchase stolen MasterCard numbers and steal identities.

Fraudsters from the dark web have utilized various methods to cash out such as PayPal, transfer services and Bitcoin.

The most popular method tends to be in Bitcoin in order to prevent tracking of approved transactions.

As per government investigators, several individuals reached out to Woods via Instagram and Twitter to ask how they could pull off Visa extortion too.

Woods would charge them an expense for his insider tips, yet he was misleading them as well, investigators claim.

Investigators say customers would send Woods cash to be taught his fraud skills through MoneyGram as well as Western Union.

In return, the clients got certain data and BINs, just to realize later that the data was useless.

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Social Media Posts & Lyrics Might Be Used in Court

Selfmade Kash wears a large gold credit card chain in his recordings and in posts on social media. His music includes titles like “In Swipe, I Trust” and “Swipe God Freestyle.”

Investigators followed up on his social media posts dating to May 2017 and say he associated with other wannabe con artists on Instagram, showing them the process of discovering bank numbers on the dark web in return for cash.

Lap top and a stolen credit card.
A rapper from Detroit, Selfmade Kash, has been arrested for alleged credit card fraud on the dark web.







It’s unclear if Woods’ lyrics assisted the investigators to arrest him, as they appear to have formed their case based on his online activities.

The utilization of rap verses in the criminal justice system framework, in any case, is the main issue to confront an upcoming Supreme Court case in the near future.



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