Gordon Last Person Known To Be With Bobbi Kristina



 mysterious videotape and soiled clothing have surfaced in the $40 million lawsuit over the tragic death of Whitney Houston’s daughter,Bobbi Kristina Brown – and the bombshell new evidence could blow open the criminal homicide investigation, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

The sensational disclosures come directly from Bobbi Kristina’s hot-tempered boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who made the shocking revelation in a legal response to the wrongful death suit filed against him by her estate.

A top expert told The ENQUIRER that Gordon’s admissions could put him in deep trouble as the criminal investigation heats up! In new filings on Sept. 8 in Superior Court of Fulton County (Ga.), Bobbi Kristina’s self-styled “husband” vehemently denied killing her, saying it’s “frivolous” and “untrue” that he beat her and then gave her a “toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious” – as her family contends.

But he admitted arguing with Bobbi Kristina before she was found in a water-filled bathtub on Jan. 31. She died six months later.

Gordon revealed that after returning from a night out, “he reviewed video footage and then had an argument with Ms. Brown, and he then changed clothes.” World-renowned private investigator and former NYPD homicide detective Bo Dietl told The ENQUIRER it’s shocking that Gordon’s lawyers would acknowledge the wardrobe change.

“That sounds very strange – the part about changing clothes,” Bo said. “Obviously, (the reason) could have been the blood splatter on his clothes when she got her tooth knocked out – that could be a reason to change your clothes.”

The seasoned gumshoe said he was also curious about the video footage Gordon saw, raising the possibility the home was equipped with many indoor surveillance cameras.

“If they had these cameras going, they may have actually captured video of him assaulting her!” Bo said.

Gordon was the last person known to be with Bobbi Kristina while she was alive, but there were two other friends in the home on the morning she was found.

Bobbi Kristina’s close friends have told The ENQUIRER they believe Gordon was responsible for her death because she was about to dump him and pursue a music career in California.