Society Is Witnessing the Increase Rate in Juvenile Crime

As we move into our adolescent stage, we soon start to take our own responsibilities. Behavioral changes occur which is why we become more social and self-dependent while making ourselves less dependent on our immediate family. It is obvious that in our teenage there is an adrenaline rush which excites our freedom and so we starts making own decisions related to education and choices in our lives.

It is ultimately the society and culture that contribute in the development of human. Attitudes, beliefs, behavior is actually the reflection of our society that every human posses. Areas that are economically deprived and experience low employment will surely prove to have high crimes. The areas that come with fewer opportunities in respect to education and work can never think of demolishing juvenile crime. The European countries do have a high rate of juvenile crimes and it is absolutely not a new phenomenon.

What leads to juvenile crime?

Parents try a lot to protect their children and keep them away from watching any kind of inappropriate media content and negative news. But, is it really possible? No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to completely keep your children secluded from negativity of the world as teens are today more engrossed into computers and social media.

  • Nowadays teens have quicker access to information as it is easily viewed in their smart phones. But, due to lack of maturity and way of thinking, it becomes really difficult for them to understand the true meaning of any news and the sense of independence is rather being misused.
  • Due to easy access to all kind of information, teens can read and view things that might not be appropriate. Girls fantasize about their love affairs whereas boys imagine themselves to be invincible.

These are the reasons why today’s generation is more inclined towards criminal activities. Being more isolated, teens are completely involved in technology. Teens those who grow up in a society that struggles to earn their bread everyday can certainly evoke a sense of anti-social behavior.Categorizing juvenile crime

We can categorize juvenile crimes by felonies and misdemeanors. This categorization is basically done based on intensity of any crimes and level of violence in any cases. Depending on the intensity of any crime such as sexual offense or using a weapon with the intention to harm anyone can be treated as an adult crime.

Juvenile crimes can lead to severe consequences and it is the reason behind keeping the families far apart and so it can take any the innocence of a child. The childhood is literally endangered due to exposure of criminal minds and deeds all around.

Individual and family risk factors

There are different factors involved which can influence in juvenile criminal act. Minor who have lower level of intelligence and lacks proper education is certainly more prone to become a criminal. While there are also other factors which can lead to such heinous act such as uncontrolled aggression, impulsive behavior and dissatisfaction in everything.

Sometimes families do have contribution in making an adolescent violent which leads to some dreadful crime. Lack of supervision and parental guidance, neglect and abuse, parental conflict and lack of emotional, psychological support to kids can certainly contribute in ill behavior. Children who are not so close with their parents usually get involved in inappropriate activities.

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