A 6-Step Guide To Creating A Landing Page That Converts [Infographics]

As an independent marketer or a marketing agency, your topmost priority is to bring a lot of traffic to your landing page. But sometimes despite having a brilliant marketing campaign, you still do not have a ‘good’ conversion rate. Users can bounce off a landing page for a lot of reasons. It can be because of your landing page design- a complicated or messy layout, difficult write-up, difficulty in navigation, broken links, missing elements, etc.

This simple 6-step infographic guide will show you how to design high-converting landing pages.

guide to create landing pages that convert


Feeling stuck between tips and statistics!? Don’t worry, we will take you through a quick summary of these 6 simple steps to creating a landing page that will increase your conversion rate.

1) Define the Goal: 

Decide what your landing page is all about, what it wants to convey to its target audience, and what conversion means to your brand. For instance, do some market research and figure out what your audience wants and where your competitors are lacking/gaining in this thread.

2) Write the Content:

After you are done with the groundwork, it’s time to convey your brand message to your audience through eye-catching content. In short, simple, personalized, and direct content is still best to compel visitors to read on.

3) Design your landing page: 

No one wants to read a bulk of text having one or two images for just the sake of being dynamic. Design your landing page concisely and cleverly. In other words, give it a light, fresh and interactive look. Add visual factors like chatbots, videos, clickable images for a better look.

4) Create Clear Call-To-Action (CTAs): : 

Create landing page CTAs that are clear, specific, and easy to navigate. Keep the page focused and easy to drive users to click through your CTAs. Your CTA should convey the message of what you want your site visitors to do.

5) Test Your Design: 

After you make your landing page live, the first and repetitive step you should do is to test, measure, and evaluate your design. You can also use A/B testing, URL split testing to see how your page is converting. Unbounce, Crazy Egg, Google Analytics are some major tools used for testing.

6) Be Clear With Your Message: 

Finally, you need to pay close attention to what message you are conveying. It should not be missing around any element. So, check your insights and analytics closely and ask your visitors for their opinion.


It’s not easy to convey a specific message and convert visitors to customers. But if you pay close attention to the steps we just mentioned, you will get great results! Let’s get started, sign up for Outgrow’s free trial and design an interactive landing page that converts!