Tips on Choosing Black Skin Care Products

When it comes to black skin care products there is a lot of mystery and a lot of misinformation about what products really work well for African American skin. But first let’s talk about African American skin care in general. African-Americans have special needs for their skin primarily because of their skin tone and it’s proneness to dryness,discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Over all black skin doesn’t age as rapidly as white skin because it’s pigment resist the damage from sun rays. Although “black don’t crack” it does droop so products that work for elasticity.

Other ethnic specific skin problems include razor bumps and ashy skin. Some traditions in black culture are to use natural products including shea butter and coca butter. These products in their raw form have natural healing abilities however when heated and processed shea butter and cocoa butter loses a lot of be natural healing ability.

So what should a consumer look for when finding the best face product? The first rule is to know your skin. Identify your specific skin issues do you have dry skin or oily skin rough skin?

If you have oily skin avoid products that use mineral oil in their formulation. In turn if you have dry skin finds products with key ingredients mineral oil and a moisture sun screen should be a part of every African American skin care regime. Sun screen as well as products that help stop discoloration. Also avoid products with a high percentage of alcohol and peroxide that drys ethnic skin.

We also recommend a product that has sunscreen in it because hyperpigmentation is a huge problem in the African-American community. Very few black skin care products address it effectively. These are some basis rules of thumb when choosing black skin care products.

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