Going to a wedding? Expect these techy touches

A current wedding trend is to go big or go home and uniqueness is key.

Weddings in 21st century America are certainly about more than the “I do’s.” Money.cnn.com conveyed last January that $35,000 is the average amount spent on weddings.

The report further stated that a current wedding trend is to go big or go home – uniqueness is key.

Technology helps to achieve a distinct experience, especially for guests.

Theknot.com’s “10 Wedding Tech Trends Straight From the Future” provides fun and practical guest enhancements, including:
– Live-streaming for individuals who desire to “be there,” but are unable to attend. Streaming goes right to a smartphone or tablet.
Cellphone charging stations so guests will not run of juice to take photos and videos for saving, as well as sharing on social media.
Selfie sticks on every table or at the entryway to the venue.

Weddingforward.com in May informed about tapping into the latest photo booth trend: Couples can entertain guests with a high-tech GIF booth. While a regular photo booth typically takes photos and then prints them onto a photo strip, a GIF booth shoots a quick burst of photos and uses them in a few-second looping clip to be shared to a smartphone, tablet or on social media.

And, a company called FlipBooth offers rentable booths that allow guests to record an eight-second video and immediately see it turned into a printed, bound flip-book they can take home.

Wedbox.com provides information about photo souvenir apps like Pocket Booth, which create photo booth-style strips in black and white or a vintage look to be saved or shared.

Even wedding party favors are geeking out. HGTV suggests the QR code, meaning guests can access a movie, music playlist, collection of photos, etc., by scanning a QR code imprinted on a special letterpress card.