Inhumane Practices Involving Young African Children

Pedophilia and Crimes Against Humanity

A child abused by men unable tot control their sexual urges is horrendous and many women and children are viciously raped worldwide. The consequences can be disastrous as we saw recently in the case of the medical student raped on a bus in India. But children as young as a few months old are being used for sex by adult men and this type of crime is shown to be common in many societies.

In some African societies, such as in Ethiopia, young girls are traded as brides for older men. They are usually very young and some are reportedly only 8 years old. In that case they are cared for by his family until she reaches puberty or near that time. They are then married and the girl is raped repeatedly. She may become pregnant even before her first period. Alone, afraid and without much knowledge she then struggles to give birth to a child that is ripping her apart inside.

Her immature body and small pelvis leads to hours of painful labor. At this stage she is usually housed in a small hut to give birth alone. Occasionally the mother-in-law may look in on her. The birth is horrendous enough but because of the circumstances the baby is often born dead while the mother may survive. Statistics show that a mother dies in child-birth every minute in this country.

If she survives the mother’s problems may just be starting. The birth has punctured the vagina wall in most cases. This means she is bladder and sometimes bowel incontinent. The smell is off putting and if and when it is possible for her to get help it may be at least three days travel by foot to get there. Along the way she risked being raped or murdered by maurading gangs.

If and when she gets to a hospital the recovery is not easy. Some girls cannot be fixed and only 30 cases a week can be treated in one hospital at a time due to doctor and bed shortages. After that where is she to go except onto the streets of a big city where prostitution awaits her.

While there is a big religious presence in the country no one is willing to take up the cause and bring a halt to these atrocities. The Catholic Church is there in a large capacity but it bans family planning and education of the masses into the use of contraceptives and so forth. Where is the rest of the world when it comes to these types of crime? In fact why can’t we do more to enforce the law against religions which refuse to be responsible for what they preach?

My abhorrence of child abuse lead me to research these African crimes as well as what is happening in Western societies

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