It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America

1. Has Racism And Bigotry Been Repackaged In America

It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America. Racism has obviously disguised itself in a variety of ways. One of Racism’s many personalities allows it to masquerade as justice. This is perhaps the deadliest weapon in violating African American rights. The deaths of Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin are prime examples of how dangerous race tactics are when placed in the hands of unfair law enforcement. Racially charged killings by authorities are at an all time high and the hatred that rears its ugly head from behind a Patriotic mask has Americans chanting, ” Go back to Mexico!” to other Americans. We never see what race the monster is from behind its red, white and blue veil. Make America Great Again? Nobody ever told me that America had to be a certain color to be great?

2. Why Does Talking About Racism Make Some People Angry

Social commentary has been reduced to crude jokes and stereotypes? The media is not taking it seriously enough that there’s been no reparations made on behalf of the Government to people of color. Is the whole country laughing in the face of Black America? What is even more surprising is that we don’t believe African Americans should be angry. We forget that Segregation was still legal 54 years ago after a dreadful 400 years of slavery and America revisits this hell on earth every Black History Month. These images replay themselves in the minds of a slave’s descendent every time it’s talked about. Old wounds are reopened every time an African American is done an injustice. It’s been a long time coming but it will take twice as long to heal.

On the flip side White Americans are made to feel guilty and tire of having to proceed with caution around a person of color’. Images in pop culture suggest that Blacks are violent criminals, angering them is the last thing anyone wants to do but everyone has pride. I understand slavery was not your fault but the fact that the past is hurting our present is proof that America must deal with the sins of its forefathers. If we don’t, then the future will be divided. It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America before unspoken words become actions.

3. Does All Black People Have a Victim Mentality

Someone who is unaware that their lives are easier because of White privilege may even feel that the Victimization of Black people is a made up. Today some African Americans may be shocked that police kill unarmed Blacks because they never felt like victims themselves. This is understood, we are in an era where Barack Obama is a beloved president of the U.S. and well paid Black actors, musicians and sports stars are celebrated for their achievements. No, not all Black people feel victimized but the majority who grow up impoverished, racially profiled, and subject to police brutality insist that this victimization is a reality.

4. When It Come To Racism What Makes Playing The Race Card Wrong

It seems to me that Black Americans have learned to justify their actions from White America. Affirmative Action and Racial Profiling are labels that work in the same exact way that Patriotism and Conservative Politics do when they’re misused. It is unfortunate that individuals with bad intentions covertly use the sympathy or guilt of others to their advantage. I think we can all agree that the ruling in O.J. Simpson’s favor during his trial for the murder of Nicole Simpson, was outrageous. No one in either race should proudly support the murder of another person.

Anyone who requests a certain degree of leniency according to their race, gender, religion or sexual preference does not expect to be held accountable for their individual faults. If this is your way of life then you will never become a responsible human being. For this reason, the reputation of Blacks in America as revolutionaries has been profoundly tarnished by an excessive amount of childish behavior. It is okay to identify a racist epidemic but it is not okay to justify an act when you are completely aware that it is wrong. Two wrongs will never make a right.

5. The Negative Stereotype Of People Of Color

Racial slurs and Anti-Semitic themes enabled the Holocaust. It is shameful that American media still uses racist propaganda when it condemns Nazi Germany for dehumanizing a specific group by similar methods. The stereotyping of people of color preceded World War II so in many ways Nazism is a descendent of racist America.

We seem to poke fun at each other’s flaws but fail to realize how it has successfully divided us. If we must acknowledge that not every white individual is personally responsible for the trans-continental slave trade, then why can’t we see that not every Black American who uses slang and sag their pants is a criminal?

6. America Is Not The Black People’s Promised Land

This country’s proud forefathers never considered people of color as American. Not even the culture of indigenous people who were destroyed in its wake were American. After someone rapes and annihilates your culture, why would you even want to be one? That title was never intended for anyone else but the relentless Europeans who colonized this country.

It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America when Black Americans are still being mistreated but they have no place to go. They have no promised land, they were brought here on slave ships and their homeland is still ruled by the same people who brought them here. Other races were sold the American dream but Blacks were sold in America.

7. Have Black People In America Had The Same Rights As White People and Everyone Else.

Indentured servants who aspired to be Americans could work their way out of slavery but Blacks were lynched for trying to escape.There were never laws enforced on other races claiming that they were only three fourths of a human. I know you may think the intention for this was to enslave people on illogical grounds no one could prove. The truth is that slavery violated human rights that America claimed to uphold and the only way around the law was to have the court system agree that Blacks were 25% animal.

Also, there is nobody who a president must officially answer to in regards to blacks. The truth is that many allowances Blacks received can either be extended or shortened depending on who is in office. The United Nations have no designated representation for African Americans who would be appointed to speak on important Black American issues. Despite terrorism, even Islamic citizens are represented at these assemblies. Their leadership has standing armies so governments think twice before acting while no African country has spoken up for African Americans. For this reason Black Americans can be racially profiled and gunned down by law enforcement without any repercussions.

This is why the only way a people with no army or country could wage war on American injustice was by peaceful protests. It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America, some don’t have that privilege. If you’re born a Black American, then you live in a different world with a totally different set of rules. Your only chance for freedom was to break the rules. The Constitution applied to Americans but the word American didn’t apply to Blacks.

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