Whose Fault Is It for the Black Community’s Downfall?

The dollar lasts only 6 hours in black neighborhoods across America. Compare this to 28 days in the Asian community and 19 days in the Jewish community. Because of this lack of economic cohesiveness we can clearly see the decline in the black community for the past 60 years.

The money situation only represents the mindset of the people using it. This lack of economic understanding has lead to high crime rates and deteriorating neighborhoods. However there is a blame game going on between black men and women as to who is at fault for this unfortunate circumstances. Visit YouTube and many blog sites and you will find videos and articles where black men and women are going back to forth blaming the other sex for this situation.

This article seeks to answer this question once and for all. Does our bad standing in the economic playing field fall on the black men or the black women.?

It cannot be denied that when welfare was offered to black women, many of them took these resources in exchange for not having a man in the house. Instead of thinking long term about the effects this would have the women took the prize from the government. There was now an incentive to have kids by a no good man because the government would supply her with all of her needs. Generations of black children would now grow up without fathers due to the conscious decision to procreate with deadbeat men. The studies show that children without their fathers do not succeed as well as children from two parent households.

Today we are experiencing the effect of this welfare state. Men who grew up under single mothers with no drive to produce make up majority of the black male population.

However does this mean that the women are at fault? Well a women is biologically built to birth children and nurse them. A man is biologically built to build, hunt, and protect. So during this time of the welfare state creation what were the men doing? We we not paying attention to legislation passing laws? We we not trying to economically build some kind of infrastructure to protect what was ours? The government did and still does not offer much. Just sub par housing and unhealthy food to women and children. Why didn’t the men take action back then to counteract the force of the government welfare state?

You can only expect so much from most women. They are more emotional then men and do not have the same capabilities. So when Uncle Sam offers some sort of protection and the men are not doing anything to protect, what else would happen? Of course they will take what the government has to offer.

Back then and still to this day black men refuse to compete on the economic playing field. We have the dollars but we choose to spend on frivolous things. When a community fails, the blame has to fall on the men because men are meant to build and maintain. Black men have no right to call out black women for our downfalls because us as black men have not built any economic structure to protect what is ours.

Yes black women are making horrible choices with men, welfare, and money decisions. But even if the women were to get up and act right, what alternative are we offering with no businesses, lack of home ownership, and no trust among each other?

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