5 Things That Black and White People Don’t Understand About Each Other

In the next couple of months, we might very well have our first black president here in the U. S. So I feel that black and white people in this country should start working on embracing, or at least respecting, each other’s culture. There are a lot of things about white people that many black Americans don’t understand and vice versa. Many times we have a negative reaction to things we don’t understand. But when we see our fellow Americans of other ethnicities engage in activities that we can’t quite relate to, we should respect that and appreciate their differences. Because no matter how much we try to rationalize, there are things that black and white people will never “get” about each other. With that being said, I have compiled a short list of 5 Things that black and white people don’t understand about each other.

5 Things White People Don’t Understand About Black People

1. Elaborate Handshakes

In the black community, an elaborate handshake is like a test to see how hip you are or how square your are. These gestures are also used as terms of endearment. So white people, the next time a black person gives you a complexed handshake, do not get alarmed. And please do not refer to it as a Terrorist Fist Bump.

2. Big Screen TVs

No matter how small a black person’s home is, they will squeeze a 60 inch screen television in there. Don’t question the logic in this.

3. Tyler Perry

Black people love Tyler Perry and white people have no clue as to why. White people simply can’t relate to the “Madea” character (whereas every black person has a Madea in their family). It’s kinda like how black people don’t understand why white people like the movie Juno so much.

4. Expensive Sneakers

Sneakers represent your personal style in the black community. I know many whites don’t understand this. But whatever you do, just don’t step on a black man’s brand new sneakers.

5. The Movie Scarface

Let’s face it. Black people love the movie Scarface. The rags to riches theme of the movie touches a cord with black people. So if you want to buy a gift for your black friend, and you aren’t sure what to get, just pick out anything with Tony Montana on it.

5 Things Black People Don’t Understand About White People

1. Yoga

The only black person who does yoga is Russel Simmons. Other than that, black folks really don’t get white people’s obsession with it.

2. Kissing Pets In The Mouth

Nothing grosses out a black person more than seeing a white person kissing their dog or cat in the mouth. Black people love their pets. But not that much.

3. Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is to black people what Tyler Perry is to whites.

4. Putting Your Kids On Leashes

When black people see white people out at the mall or at the park walking around with their kids on leashes, blacks are utterly appalled.

5. The Movie Footloose

The hit 80’s movie Footloose is white America’s “You Got Served”. So black people, if you have a white friend who you want to buy a gift for and you don’t know what to get, go on eBay and get them some Kevin Bacon memorabilia. You will have a friend for life.

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