Stop Trump Commercials – Spread Messages of Truth, Unity and Love

Since Donald Trump took the presidency, more people took to the streets to protest his policies. In fact, just a day after his inauguration, a record-breaking protest was held at the same spot where he was inaugurated. Hundreds upon thousands of women marched in Washington, DC to support women’s rights and other important issues. Parallel rallies were held across the country, and even outside the US.

Despite the strong messages against Trump and his agenda, it didn’t deter him. In fact, he has continued signing executive orders favoring big businesses and oil companies, while placing the environment and middle-class workers at risk.

The good thing is that some businesses have also taken measures against Trump. In a powerful rebuke against his controversial policies, these businesses have released Trump commercials. They have made use of creative techniques to advertise their products and at the same time, send a strong message against the Trump administration.

The Super Bowl Ads

In the recently concluded Super Bowl, one of the most watched TV events in the country, several companies have released stop Trump ads and they have received mixed receptions. For those who were rallying against Trump, the companies were lauded.

Budweiser for instance featured its founder, Adolphus Busch, an immigrant from Germany and his struggle in making it to the United States. This is to condemn Trump’s anti-immigrant policies.

84 Lumber, a small construction supplies company, also took an ad during the Super Bowl (which is pretty expensive) just to send their message against Trump. It featured the journey of a Hispanic mother and daughter who have gone through a lot on their way to the North just to find out that they would be facing a wall. This is also against Trump’s border wall plan to keep the “bad hombres” out.

Even Google released and anti-Trump commercial. Using the Google Home, a voice-activated domestic assistant, the ad features a diverse group of people and how happiness was spread using their new feature.

A cola company’s ad featuring young Americans singing “America the Beautiful” in various languages was also in support of immigrants and the unique diversity of America.

It kept going

After the Super Bowl, some of these companies have received negative perceptions, but they were also praised for their strength to fight Trump. As a result, more businesses were encouraged to release Trump commercials.

Even Hyatt, debuted its ad during the Oscars night. It featured a blonde woman seated next to a Muslim woman on a train. She looked skeptical about her at first, but later on, the Muslim woman wearing a hijab picked up the scarf that fell on the floor and gave it to her with a smile. This also sends a strong message about stereotypes against Muslims, and how they were untrue.

Perhaps, the biggest anti-Trump ad of the night was released by New York Times, which is also being attacked by Trump, calling it a fake news organization.

Their ad talked about the truth and how it has been distorted by Trump and his administration. It ended with, “The truth is hard to know. The truth is hard to find. The truth is important now more than ever.” It was a powerful message condemning Trump’s ability to keep changing the truth while portraying the media as fake.

The ad was met with a Trump campaign ad released by the National Rifle Association (NRA). They vilified New York Times with their ads and accused the news organization of distorting the truth and not Trump. Even the President himself tweeted against New York Times. He said that NYT was just trying to save its failing reputation. He also encouraged them to report accurately and fairly.


These ads are giving hope to millions of Americans who just could not stand Trump’s policies. Even if his agenda favor big businesses, they are coming out against him. These shows just how bad Trump’s policies are.

If you are thinking of being part of organizations resisting Trump, you’re not alone. There are businesses that are willing to support you. They stand with you in rebuking Trump’s policies against immigrant, women, environment and many others. Keep fighting and keep resisting. He will only succeed is Americans would simply give up.

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