For Unity

Every few decades there have been moments that seem to suggest the United States might somehow get its act together. Unfortunately, today there have been no moments that even come close to imply we as a nation will finally pull together to secure a better future for all. The stark reality and the cold truth facing America is that greed, and the lack of cohesiveness between all political parties have pitted on entity against the other. Consequently, the United States is anything but united. Too many splinter groups and organizations each with their own brand of agendas continue to pull this nation apart.

With the current Administration bumbling their way toward a vision that is incompatible with the majority Americans opens the door wide open to encourage a unity of purpose from all sides of the political spectrum. Yet, there is little movement toward that reality today except for the crusading efforts by one lone Senator from Vermont, His efforts has galvanized over 78% of the voting public in support of an agenda scripted in the same ideologies of FDR and JFK.

When over 78% of the voting public supporting a plan of direction that Senator Sanders has proposed the reaction has been a callous dismissal by the main stream media, the Democratic establishment and the Republican party. This proves once again how the establishment is unrelenting in letting go of the status-quo. The established political parties and the media remain oblivious to the undercurrent of unrest sweeping all across the country. So fixated on the gravy train that corporate mega donors continue to flow ready available cash into their campaign coffers the establishment of both parties continue to alienate the voting public. Obviously, it doesn’t matter what the public wants and needs as long as the money train keeps running right along.

Instead of unity the party of FDR and JFK the Democrats have distanced themselves almost entirely from the progressive movement magnificently orchestrated by Senator Sanders. It is as though the party leaders as that old saying goes “are cutting off their nose to spite their face.” Even Senator Warren has fallen in line with the party bosses of the Democratic party. Both are beholden to Corporate donors instead of the progressive message the Democratic party once stood for. Now here comes Hillary Clinton again. But instead of trying to unify the progressive message has only created a further divide.

This is the party that sabotaged the one candidate that could have united the party and the country. Instead what we have today is a Democratic party so divided where the establishment that is only interested in corporate donors they can’t see the forest through the trees. And by the same token the Republican party and a President who has broken every campaign promise continues to further divide this nation.

When there is overwhelming public support for an agenda that creates optimism and a genuine realistic approach to uplifting the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americas but is ignored by the powers that be is creating a tempest of unrest which hasn’t been realized since the Vietnam War. To ease the strain on the country and advert an all out major crisis that is certain to erupt there has to be that unity of purpose. It is to that end that the progressive message that FDR and JFK so successfully united this nation with Senator Sanders has a defining moment to realize his message will in fact have that unifying effect upon this country. For unity and not greed with a progressive message and an agenda that works for all Americans and not just the 1% will keep the future alive and well for all. That is the sole purpose of National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles Of Confederation.

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