The Deep State Shadow Government Hidden Within Our Elected Government

The so called “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” is within the minds of those employees working in the U.S. government who are in opposition to the elected power structure that has developed over the many decades of U.S. history? How is the deep state able to survive over the many years of changing governments? The deep state lurks within the shadow that nobody can see. This deep state that is commonly referred to as the shadow government that can’t be seen but can be heard at times though leaked classified government information to media sources that share their same thoughts.

The so called deep state comes out of the shadow as the government they want gets elected then goes back into the shadow and onto the mossy landing that is their mind when the government they hate returns and ejects the government they want. You will see them as a blend of what you expect but deep in the dark shadow that is their mind they will seek to eliminate what is not their thought. The mind of the deep state is asleep until their purpose is not served then they move into the disturbed place of thought and will serve who will serve their thought.

Does the deep state that exists want payment from whom they serve, “Yes”. Find the money and follow it as is in most cases of activity and you will see the shadow that is the mind of the deep state. The deep state exists to serve itself as they serve others for payment. The question as this is read is who pays the servants of whom they serve? A quick hand that passes the envelope to another hand or a secret drop off at a place that is normal privacy? What is the going rate to work in a government position and also working for private payments supplying information that’s not suppose to be circulating outside of assigned government circles?

In today’s time and place it appears that the “Main Stream Media” whom are in a constant mode to leak the leaks that have been leaked to them may be the payers to the deep state who want to serve the payers as the deep state serves themselves with payments from the payers. I as the wanderer into this issue am subject to believe that the payments most likely would be coming from media sources whom want to make negative news against a government that is not of their liking.

Could the deep state be holdover hires from the previous government administration that are solid to the cause without receiving extra pay? Sure, this could be the case with ideology mindsets just looking to be part of the bigger picture in their delusional lives in which they are self sworn to support the failure of others in the U.S. without pay to themselves. Serving the purpose without question and monetary gain through a fiction of thought that is worthy of a Hollywood movie script is the shadow government orientation in some cases. A previous government administration would surely acquire personalities that were set in stone for them and were willing to self sacrifice for the cause. These deep state mindsets can easily be identified just by looking at who hired them and how aggravated they get when their ideology is made to be a mockery time and time again. When in for the cause without compensation some poking in the right places can reveal the deep state mindset under their joyous smiles and glee.

Maybe it’s the previous elected government where billions of dollars were lost and payouts to government contractors were so enormous that they the contractors are paying the deep state for services rendered? The deep state would be a valuable entity to a political establishment whom were falling from grace at their own hand. Payments to the deep state from lost government treasure and contractor kickbacks would serve all involved well. Contractor kickbacks could be well hidden in a maze of under the table cash that flows from hand to hand.

Their place in the sun where their presence can never be revealed are the people that form this secret society in government of people that never knows and meets one another. They walk the halls of government not ever to be aware that their cohorts just leaked the government secrets for payment they themselves just leaked to the same people who might pay twice but most likely won’t depending on how swift they have been in the past.

Many bodies of political workers end up stiff on the ground because payment was demanded by the second leaker of the same information and when not paid for the second leak of the same information they reverse leak on the people that won’t pay them. The retaliation from the payer against the leak on them is the end of air being taken into the leakers body.

A complicated intense private world of structure is the internal secret workings of the U.S. government that is out of the reach of our elected known government. Can the structure of the deep shadow government be seen through the past deaths of known persons who leaked on their own political party? As our new government takes hold and attempts to “Drain The Swamp” it is being found out the swamp creatures that lurk in silence and in the dark are embedded into the grains of government and not easily removed. Is there 1 or are there many to find and remove? As the clock ticks forward and the leaks are produced through news media of the same mindset as the leakers the strategy and steps to remove the “Deep Shadow Government” will be developed and implemented.

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