Overcoming The Pain Of Being A Black Man In America

After joining The Nation of Islam in the 50’s, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan wrote a very telling song which he titled “A White Man’s Heaven Is A Black Man’s Hell”. Every Blackman of age can bear witness to the truthfulness of the song’s title and lyrics.

It is PURE HELL being a Blackman in the world of white supremacy. We are murdered by judge, jury and executioner police officers. We are outright disrespected. We are profiled. We are guilty until proven innocent. Our opinions are not held to serious weight, etc.

Everywhere we go there are signs that this world still sees us as inferior beings. The office of president is supposed to be the highest in the land, yet our black brother president, Barack Obama, is still disrespected as though he were the white house janitor.

In response to this intense pressure, some black men have developed mental issues as their minds literally snap under the weight of continuous racism. Others have resorted to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex, violence, abusing their woman as ways of dealing with the horrific pain of being a Blackman in a white man’s world.

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan teaches that the Blackman must turn inward to God for refuge in dealing with these internal storms.

He teaches us to work towards financial independence so we won’t have to be under the foot of the white man as much.

He teaches us to recognize the value in our black woman as our ally, not competitor, as we fight in the white man’s world.

He teaches us to use the anger we feel to fuel positive endeavors like self improvement or starting a business for yourself.

During the early 90’s, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan travelled the country delivering a message titled: “Let Us Make A Man”. During one of the stops(April 11th, 1994) he gave a message subtitled: How To How To Overcome The Pain Of Being A Blackman. The following quote is from that message.

“As a Black man in White America, we are in pain, brothers! We live with constant pain. Nobody knows our pain but God, and us. Brothers, as long as you, as a man, lay down at night and dream about your greatness, but you are never able to manifest how great you are then the pain of being non-productive makes you seek pleasure that keeps you non-productive! Study our condition:

Each one of you is in pain. When you wake up in the morning, and you look in the mirror, and you know deep down inside you are as great as any man of greatness that you’ve heard about, read about, or seen in real life:

You know you are as great as any one of them. Possibly greater! But there’s no avenue of opportunity to allow you to demonstrate your individual greatness; then this breeds frustration, it breeds bitterness, it breeds envy and jealousy.

In a Time Magazine article titled: Racism Could Negatively Affect Your Health, it is revealed,

“High blood pressure and kidney decline may be linked to feelings of discrimination

Feeling judged because of your race could have a negative impact on your physical health, a new study finds.

A team of researchers studied 1,574 residents of Baltimore as part of the Healthy Aging in Neighborhoods of Diversity across the Life Span study and found that 20% of the subjects reported feeling that they had been racially discriminated against a lot.

Even after the researchers adjusted the results for race, this group had higher systolic blood pressure than those who perceived only a little discrimination.”

The Holy Qur’an advises that peace of mind is found by seeking refuge in God from the evils of Satan’s world.

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan Is in this world, but by his deep belief in Almighty God he walks in peace through the valley of the shadow of death.

“I Bear Witness To The Man And His Works.”

Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad is a Black Man who is a follower of the Islamic faith. Through independent religious studies developed an ecumenical view of the world’s religions and the people of God.

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