The World Order Ruled By Money and Myths

It’s almost laughable when considering how easily people are fooled. It doesn’t matter how much information is available the majority seem unable to get their heads around reality. That is because they are brain-washed and besotted by myths, most of which come from ancient ideas related to the after-life. Leaders who tortured and murdered and grew in wealth impressed their followers to such an extent that they became gods.

It’s happening today where some countries are ruled by such ‘chiefs’. Kings who order armies into battle are murderers. Presidents who raid and conquer other nations are killers. Leaders who turn their backs on desperate people are likewise responsible for loss of life. Doing their bidding are men and women serving on the basis that it is God’s will.

This is what the World Order is based on. There is no justification for what this planet faces except that it is the fault of and disinformation pervading the establishment. The politician who passes laws with his own beliefs in mind is as guilty as those who pull the trigger.

Truth is stranger than fiction and it is the latter, therefore, that rules the day. Logic and common sense make only small indents in the hardened minds of the majority. To get into their brains and change their opinions is like trying to chop down a tree with a tooth pick.

History demonstrates how individuals with knowledge that opposes the establishment fall by the wayside or surrender all to make a difference. Proof is always required and even then it may be overturned by those in authority if it doesn’t meet with their ideas.

The standard misconceptions are purposeful in bringing the world as we know it to an end. Nothing can survive when the things that feed them are overridden and undermined by stupidity. The Climate and a warming planet are cases in point. Those in charge, however, have the final say and money and job creation rule the day.

So where do the myths come from? After my reincarnation it was my lot to find out. There is no heaven or hell and yet the majority believe in them. The logic is not there to tell them to look up and examine what they see. Nor do they think of eternity as anything other than in these terms.

So why look after the planet when there are better things waiting for them after death. That is what the dreamers of heaven are looking towards.

Like so many before me my knowledge is like a tooth pick hitting the tree. Unless it is swapped for an axe the tree will survive. Meanwhile no matter how foul the air, or how hot the planet, man will continue to destroy the environment because of politics ruled by money and myths.

The basic premise of the World Order is to uphold religious ideology and myths. My research and the heaven and hell scenario demonstrate how far man has gone to create his own heaven on earth while living through hell to do it.

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