We Must Have Black Unity Now More Than Ever

The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and The Hon. Louis Farrakhan have preached for a combined 84 year period that the solution to black suffering, poor black conditions and other ills is the simple principle of black unity. We have the brightest minds and the richest pockets(collectively), but we don’t yet see the need for group unity and operations.

Because a Muslim(Elijah & Farrakhan) have made the call many reject because they think it’s a “Muslim thing”. However, we are suffering not because of religion, but because of and simply due to us being black inside of this society. If we are suffering (collectively) because we are black then should we not put aside whatever differences we have for the greater good?

If you are a Black Muslim you are suffering. If you are a Black Christian you are suffering. If you are a Black politician you are suffering. If you are black and educated you are suffering. If you are a black reporter you are suffering. If you are a black entertainer or black sports figure you are suffering. No matter what we call ourselves, being black in a white supremacy world is the common denominator of our pains. The consequences of not coming together will be continued humiliation and worsening of our lives inside this nation.

We MUST have black unity now more than ever!

We need “black unity” not “black uniformity” to succeed.

Uniformity as a noun is defined as: “the state or quality of being uniform; overall sameness, homogeneity, or regularity”

Unity as a noun is defined as: 1. the state of being one; oneness. 2. a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one. 3. the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole;unification. 4. oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement.

We, must understand that all black people are not going to think alike, dress alike, serve God alike and reach the same conclusions on life in general. If that is what we are waiting for to unify it will never happen. We must put the survival and betterment of black people above what divides us. I know it is easier said than done, but it is a must.

Look at the United States of America as an example of how to function despite differences. You have a nation that is divided politically(democrat, republican, etc), religiously, socially, politician vs politician, but that doesn’t stop America from functioning as a nation. Let’s recognize differences, but let’s build something despite them.

Will we use our 1.3 trillion dollar purchasing power to create a new reality for self and kind or will we spend the next 4 years moaning and groaning about who the president of the United States is? We can have our own schools, hospitals, farms, businesses, international trade if we would just act wiser with the resources we have. We can stop black on black on black crime and police violence if we they knew a unified community wasn’t accepting such conditions. When you visit the black community you will see that we own all the churches, Mosques, but whites, Arabs and others own all the businesses. This is backwards thinking and proof that we need a better religious understanding.

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is not an enemy to the black community. He is our best friend and an example of what can be done. Farrakhan though his leadership has produced 1600 acres of black owned and operated farm land, which produces clean food that we can survive on. Farrakhan through his leadership has built a black owned and operated school in Chicago with chapters throughout America. Farrakhan through his leadership has inspired many black men and women to go into business for themselves in our communities. Farrakhan through his leadership has produced a #1 black owned and operated newspaper, which doesn’t rely of corporate advertisement to survive.

These are just a few samplings which prove that the black mind, in unity, is capable of producing an independent reality. The vision of The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is not a “Muslim” vision. It is a vision for the self improvement of the black man, woman and child. If we put our money, educational expertise, professional expertise, political expertise in harmony with such a vision where would we be?

Thank you for reading these few words.

Brother Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad is a Black Man who is a follower of the Islamic faith. Through independent religious studies developed an ecumenical view of the world’s religions and the people of God.

He has been public speaking since 1999 and writing since 1997.

He has been featured on the Radio, Newspapers, public speaking events and at Mosques/Churches telling his story and offering his understanding of Almighty God’s plan for salvation.

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