Best Way to Prepare Your Valentine’s Day in 2017: A Few Tips to Be Romantic


What do you think is more important – to love or be loved?

Remember George Eliot’s words? “I like not only to be loved but also to be told I am loved.”

Valentine day is around the corner and we all appreciate the idea of showcasing our affection to significant other. As we are all very busy people all throughout the year, Valentines Day is the perfect day to demonstrate our love, completely. Thus, we have shared a handful of Valentine’s Day idea for those of you, who have been struck by the cupid’s arrow.

1. Surprise your LOVE by booking a special getaway. If possible, take few days off from work and also take permission from her boss and secretly reserve your hotel and dining venue. On the special day, ask your wife to accompany you for lunch and you can surprise her by actually taking her for a romantic trip. Spend quality time together, away from the hassle and bustle of maddening crowd at your local restaurant.

2. If your budget is a bit tight for a getaway trip, you can make things special at home as well. Get back from work, a bit early as compared to normal routine and prepare a candlelit dinner for your better half or date. Cook his/her favorite dish and arrange the house with scented candles and flowers. Play a soft music at the background to spice up the ambiance. As per your partner’s preference, dinner can either be followed by a romantic movie, a stroll down the neighborhood street or a dance to both of yours favorite number.

3. Need something simpler? You can fill a jar full of heart shaped candies and love notes jotting down why s/he matters to you most. You can as well share beautiful memories of your relationship, so that reading them makes your bond even more strong and lovely.

4. If possible, take permission from your partner’s boss to grant him/her leave for that day. Give him/her the happy news only in the morning followed by a breakfast prepared by you. Spend the whole day by engaging in activities that generally cheers your partner up. Else fulfill that one desire of his/her that has been pended for weeks and months.

5. In case you are artistically inclined, compose your poem and mail it in her/his official address. I am sure, your expression of love will not only make her/his day but will also strengthen your bond.

6. Given to the fact that contemporary life is no less than a rat race, you can also reserve a special spa session for your date. Both of you can take off from work for that day and enjoy spending time together in the health resort. You can ask the resort to make special arrangement with love themes or something heart warming.
Thus, have fun on this special day, only to be cherished for all the days to come by.

Remember, LOVE is not meant to be celebrated exclusively on the 14th of February. Each day should be romantic and require constant effort to demonstrate how much you care about that person. If you are still single and have no one to share the suggested ideas, register into Lightning Speed Dating and participate at our speed dating events hosted across Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, also called the DMV area.

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