The Pimp and the Prostitute – Modern Day Slavery

A prostitute is a person (mostly women), who offer their body for sexual pleasure to another in exchange for money. A pimp is a person who looks for customers for prostitutes. Pimps are known to be cunning, ruthless, mean and extremely controlling. What is the relationship between the pimp and the prostitute when it comes to the current systems of governance?

1. Once enslaved labor was abolished, southern landowners replaced it with a system called?

So, let us go back into history and dig a few facts that may shock you. After the slavery was abolished, General Shermans ordered that all the freed slaves be given 40 acres of land. Out of the 4 million, only 30,000 families got land. Later, President Johnson demanded that all parcels of land under federal management should be given back to their former owners. The former slaves were left with no choice other than sharecropping. This was a system whereby the freed slave was allowed to rent a piece of land and share the proceeds with the land owner.

2. Modern day slave masters in America.

It is the highest level of hypocrisy to hear how USA yaps the loudest about freedom yet it is among the top countries where modern slavery thrives. There are millions of blacks and other minority groups in America who are languishing in poverty because of greedy rich employers. Poor working conditions, poor payments, lack of job securities and sheer unfairness are some of the common vocabularies among the black Americans. Remember the pimp and the prostitute analogy we talked about earlier?

3. Modern day plantations in America.

Blacks have few options left for them which leaves them with no choice but to break their backs trying to earn a third of what their counterparts earn. It is laughable how America parades itself as the world policeman while there is so much rottenness in its backyard!

4. Modern day sharecropping in United States.

Need I highlight here that for you to get the right piece of land; you must promise the landowner a certain amount of crop? Remember, he calls the shots and you will give him nothing less what he demands. Since you are desperate, you will give in to his demands. The landowner (government/cruel corporations/employers) is mean and cruel. He dictates your earnings and how much tax you should pay.

5. How corporations control our society.

As corporations grow, they become influential and powerful. They dictate who comes to power, how they should govern and choose which laws to enact. In some cases, blacks are oppressed by people they did not even vote for.

6. How some employers abuse their employees.

In the past, employees experienced growth in all levels of their lives. However, in the recent past, employees have faced tough working conditions in the hands of rigid and unyielding employers. Many blacks and minority groups have fallen prey to these unscrupulous employers.

7. Will 15 dollars an hour really kill your jobs?

The argument has been that if the wages are raised the country will face huge job cuts. But research by two economists; David Card along with Alan Krueger shows that the opposite is true.

There is a huge correlation between the pimp and the prostitute when it comes to the American system. Pimps know how to make prostitutes feel loved and take care of emotionally and financially. Once the target person has been “boxed”, they revert back to their callous nature. By this time the person is already trapped in the dark world. This is what the American system has been. Although you may not know when you are getting into their “box”, after the system has you hostage it becomes ruthless. It forces you to pay social security, medicare, federal taxes, property taxes among others. Worst of all, you are not allowed to leave the country with the properties you have acquired. Isn’t USA great?!!!

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