Have Faith In Life, But No Expectations

Human life revolves around the beliefs and hopes. Beliefs guide the present while the hopes keep us cheerful for the future. People get the worries when their expectations are not satisfied. It is better to live the natural way without expectations. Accept and learn to live whatever comes in the course of time. Simply drift like a wooden log with the tides, but don’t get drowned in the ocean of life.

Expectations arise from the basic wish for welfare and progress. They are several and wide-ranging, and keep changing over time as the man passes through different stages and situations of life. However, their fulfilment depends on the personal abilities, aptitudes, age, education, experience, and circumstances.

Caring parents expect their children to do better than them. However, such expectations should be meaningful and practicable, not to affect the pleasures of the childhood such as playing, eating, friendship, etc. In many cases, parents expect more without knowing the potential of their wards and without helping the latter in their development. This process is successful if the kids also realize the freedom and care given by their elders.

The superior in the office simply entrusts the works and expects the subordinates to perform. The teacher anticipates the pupils to score high. The Captain expects the staff to steer the ship smoothly. The leader desires the followers to work towards winning the elections. The outcomes will be positive in all these cases, if the expectations are communicated in the way that can be understood by the recipients and the necessary inputs and support are provided. Moreover, the higher-ups or the bosses shouldn’t be egoistic and secretive, but guide the field staff and take into confidence.

Thirumoolar, a Tamil sage and one of the 18 Siddhars, exhorted, “Desist from liking God to eliminate the selfishness.” Because many people pray to the God for seeking some favors. Nonetheless, humans behave strangely to leave wishes even after the death. The wills and charities represent the dead man’s expectations for the conduct of their last journeys and the administration of their estates after their demise.

Expectations do more harms than benefits. The important negative outcomes are the dissipation of energy, wastage of precious time, avoidable tension, ill-feelings, and discomfort for everyone involved. The feelings of disappointment and dejection are frequent when somebody fails to satisfy our expectations. Moreover, expectation should not be one-way traffic; if a person expects something from other, he should also reciprocate to the latter’s expectation.

It is better to advise and guide any person towards the right directions rather than expecting obedience or compliance. In the Bhagavad Gita, God Krishna prescribes, “Do Your Duties Without Any Expectations By Keeping Faith in Me.” If this is practised by everyone, peace and bliss will flourish in this world.

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