20+ Conversion Rate Optimization Tips To Skyrocket Conversions

You may get tons of traffic to your site every single day. But if you cannot convert that traffic into paying customers or email signups, ebook downloads, etc., you are losing money faster than you think! Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we go on a ride with 20+ great ideas on the best way to get conversions that can skyrocket your business. Let’s begin!

Looking for some unusual and fresh conversion rate optimization tips? Then this blog won’t fail to surprise you!

You may get tons of traffic to your site every single day. But if you are unable to convert that traffic into paying customers or email signups, ebook downloads, etc. then you are losing dollars faster than you think! Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

So, how can you do justice to the tons of traffic you get every day? Well, the answer is simple – Conversion Rate Optimization. Today in this blog we will give some pro conversion rate optimization tips that can help you improve your macro and micro conversions (sales and signups).

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Conversion Rate Optimization Tips: The Use of Interactive Content to Improve Conversion Rates

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is a type of content that demands users to directly interact with the content piece. Unlike static content, interactive content encourages a two-way conversation at all times, thus making it very engaging and attractive.

Examples of interactive content types: quizzes, assessments, polls, calculators, chatbots, surveys, giveaways, etc.

Here’s a Holiday Destination Finder quiz to tell you which place you should visit next depending on your preferences, traits, etc. We don’t think any travel enthusiast can miss this one! Are you one? 😉

Holiday Destination Finder quiz

How does interactive content improve conversions?

As we just said, interactive content is both attractive and engaging. First, it catches the user’s attention with its attractive design and instant value proposition then keeps them hooked by constantly engaging with them.

But how does it improve conversions?

Well, interactive content generally delivers a result at the end, which is intended to solve the user’s problem or add value to their experience. This lures the user to complete the experience and they willingly give their information (lead details) to find the results. It is basically a combination of attractiveness, interactivity, and psychological factors that contribute to the success of interactive content, i.e., improving conversions.

For example, this Tesla Price calculator efficiently lures a prospect by telling them how much they can save by buying a Tesla. Now that’s a foolproof way of beating your competitors, securing lead details, and improving conversions. Fantastic!

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips: Tesla Price calculator

How to Use Interactive Content for Conversion Rate Optimization?

We have already given you examples of interactive content, but here are some more real-life ideas on how you can use interactive content for your conversion rate optimization campaign.

a. Try interactive landing pages

Interactive content is extremely flexible, so you can embed it in a lot of different places on your website. One such example is the landing page. Unlike static landing pages, interactive landing pages keep the audience entertained and engaged.

People just don’t like static landing pages anymore, they are boring. But when you add interactivity to your landing pages, things change, and you can convert your traffic way better than normal landing pages.

Just create interactive content like quizzes or surveys (without any coding) and embed them anywhere on your webpage. Moreover, you can use interactive landing pages to improve the user experience as well.


Here’s an example of how Outgrow uses an interactive landing page to help their audience find the right content in case they stumble upon a 404 page.

Conversion rate optimization tips: outgrow 404 interactive landing  page

b. Replace static lead forms with interactive content

Again, static lead forms are boring and users don’t like filling them up. But if you use interactive content for lead generation, you can improve your conversion many folds. And I guess we have already explained why interactive content is capable of converting traffic into qualified leads.

Case Study:

Barões Digital Publishing, a Brazilian company, used Outgrow’s interactive content creation platform to create an outcome quiz ‘ Which City Should You Move To In 2020?’. They wanted to improve their client’s conversion rate and lead generation through the quiz. And as it turned out, they were able to get 64k leads and a 48% conversion rate. Isn’t that terrific?

Conversion rate optimization tips: interactive lead forms

c. Create product recommendations tools

Product recommendation tools can prove very useful to eCommerce websites. It’s a tool that encourages the user to answer a set of questions and based on that it recommends the products that are best for them.

Often, customers face the paradox of choice and fail to decide on which product to go for. As a result, they bounce off from the product pages. So, if you can help your customers solve this problem with a product recommendation tool, then your conversions are bound to increase.


Here’s an example of a product recommendation tool built on Outgrow. The tool takes input from the audience on their preferences and recommends the shades that would fit them best.

conversion rate optimization tips: product recommendation tool example

d. Use interactive chatbots

We all know about chatbots, don’t we? But interactive chatbot is something that has been making a lot of buzz in recent years. These chatbots can drive human-like conversations with customers in real-time. It has a unique interactive flow that can ask the user for more information before giving them an answer.

As a result, interactive chatbots give more accurate answers and improve the user experience. Also, in the process, it can seamlessly capture leads and other information about the audience. It is easier to extract information from users when there’s two-way communication.


This chatbot helps the audience determine if they need to raise venture capital for their startup. As we said, it’s like two-way communication and the conversation has a logical flow that guides the user to the result.

Also, if you notice the chatbot generates the lead before the result page is displayed. The audience has already been tempted by the outcome and will willingly share the details to get to the result page.

conversion rate optimization tips: chatbot example

How to Leverage Color Psychology to Improve Conversions

The advertising and marketing industry has been playing around with human psychology for a long long time! Ever noticed big brands like Mcdonald’s, KFC, Cocacola, etc. have the color red on their logos and advertisements? Well, that’s because the color Red is associated with excitement, passion, energy, and action.

conversion rate optimization tips: color psychology

Source: TastyAd

So here are some actionable tips on how you can leverage color psychology to improve your conversions:

a. Red is one of the most intensive colors and it can provoke strong emotions. It also creates a sense of urgency and you can use it for your ‘clearance sales’ or ‘limited time offer’ banners.

b. Orange projects creativity, adventure, enthusiasm, success, and balance. And marketers use it on call-to-action buttons like ‘order now’, ‘subscribe’, etc.

c. Yellow evokes excitement, happiness, positivity, and summer. And it resonates best with the youth. You can use it as a background or border color of your website.

d. Pink revolves around femininity, playfulness, love, sweetness, etc. You can use it as your background color if you cater to a female audience. Also, if you are selling something sweet like ice creams, and candies, pink can be your color.

e. Green is associated with nature, money, growth, health, etc. So if you are serving the health & fitness industry, then green will suit you best. Try adding green to your home page banner and logo.

f. Blue symbolizes trust, security, stability, and relationship. A perfect theme color if you belong to the financial industry.

g. Purple represents power, nobility, luxury, wisdom, etc. However, the color has limited use on websites and is mainly used as an accent color. You can use it on your top navigation bar or as a background color to highlight specific products like premium cosmetics, diamond jewelry, etc.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Tips: How to Improve Website Copy for Better Conversions

website copy writing gif

Well, there’s no magic formula for this, but we can give some tips that may help you improve your conversion rate.

a. Try using power words.

b. Maintain a consistent writing style throughout your website. Not only that, but also maintain consistency in font size, color, fonts, etc.

c. Format (italics, bold, etc.) specific keywords that you want to highlight.

d. Use more bullet points, it helps the user skim through your content easily (like we did here).

e. Instead of writing facts and figures in plain text, create infographics with the same information.

f. Keep your content short and crisp. If you can convey your message in 50 words, try not to increase it to 100.

g. Add humor to your write-ups.

h. Use ample paragraph breaks, quotes, etc. on your copy. It makes the layout clear and easy to read.

i. Try to write in the second person.

j. Avoid writing in a passive voice.

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General Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

We talked about some key tips and strategies you can implement for boosting your conversion rate. But that’s not all we’ve got! Have a look at these tried and tested conversion rate optimization tips that each and every business should try out.

a. Use pop-ups

Pop-ups are a great way to promote offers, contests, newsletter signups, etc. However, pop-ups can sometimes be very annoying and can decrease conversions. So, use them very carefully. Set delay timers and use cookies to limit pop-up displays per user.

pop ups example

b. A/B test your headlines and CTAs

If you have read about the conversion rate optimization process, then you must be aware that A/B testing is quintessential before implementing any change. While testing your headlines and CTAS, check the tone, placement, length, color, use of statistics and numbers, etc.

A/B testing

c. Trim your form fields

Having too many fields on your form can decrease your conversion rate. So, remove any unnecessary form fields that you have. In case you want to extract more information from your audience, try using interactive content instead of your normal lead forms.

conversion rate optimization tips

d. Remove distractions

Distractions are one of the primary causes of low conversion rates. Your landing pages, product pages, cart pages, etc. should be clean and easy to navigate. Show your users what they need and nothing else. Keeping it clean will help your users stay focused and they will convert easily.

conversion rate optimization tips : remove distraction gif

e. Add testimonials and reviews

Have you ever given a second thought before buying a product that has just come to the market? We’d guess so! That’s because we usually feel safe with the decisions that have been tried and tested. Hence, no one wants to buy products that don’t have a review. Try adding product reviews and testimonials on your site to give your customers the confidence to go ahead with the purchase.

conversion rate optimization tips: reviews

f. Use social accounts to sign up

Creating new accounts from scratch is really tiring and users don’t love it. So, give them the liberty to sign up with one click using their social media or google accounts.

conversion rate optimization tips: free trial

g. Improvise your CTA copy

Generic CTAs like ‘Sign up’, ‘Subscribe now’, etc. have become less effective. On the contrary, improvised CTAs like ‘Yes, I want the offer’, ‘No, I don’t want the eBook, I know better’ are proving to be more effective.

conversion rate optimization tips:CTA

h. Offer a money-back guarantee

People are always wary about investing unless they are absolutely sure that they are going to get their money’s worth. Offering a money-back guarantee builds trust and customers get confidence to make the purchase.

money back gif

i. Try different offers

Offers have some of the biggest impacts on conversion rates. Moreover, your offer must be appealing and competing with other brands. If you have low conversion rates then test different offers and see what is working best. It may take time but eventually, your experiments will pay off.

conversion rate optimization tips : offers

j. Add a countdown timer

People get anxious when they find that time is running out. And a sense of urgency provokes us to make a quick decision. Adding a countdown timer to your offers might just help you capitalize on this opportunity.

countdown timer

Wrap Up

Pointing out all the conversion rate optimization tips or conversion rate optimization hacks in one blog is next to impossible. Therefore, we tried to give you some of the best tips we had. Did you enjoy them? Please show us some love and let us know if you got even one useful tip from this blog!

But hey, don’t start implementing these conversion rate optimization tips blindly on your website. You must find out what works for you best. So remember to follow the conversion rate optimization process thoroughly. And if you found this blog useful, we have made a complete guide on CRO. Why not check it out next?

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Just to remind you again, interactive content is one of the best ways to improve conversions. We just showed that through real-life examples and case studies. So, give it a try for free.

Roy is a full-time content marketer at Outgrow. He often travels to the Himalayas in search of his muse to breathe. Being a professional marketer & a passionate traveler, he struggles to keep the balance.