Alleged secret boycott falls on death ears

As we reported July 12, 2016 about the alleged secret boycott called for over the rise of shootings by law enforcement, unfortunately did not have much of an impact, but what would you expect to happen with the project being secret. As a matter of fact this alleged boycott was so secret that we can’t seem to find a single person that actually participated or maybe that’s a secret to. Calls made to Target Stores and Coca Cola Bottling Products the target of the boycott were meet with chuckles when asked about the alleged boycott and answered with “Boycott! What Boycott? We Know Of No Such Boycott Against Our Company”. When asked about any decline in revenue between July 8th and August 9th, The answer was “No Were Having A Great Summer”. We also spoke to representatives of some well know Black Owned Businesses that seemed surprised to hear about the alleged boycott and also said that their revenue has not seen any upswing in in the last month. So the Alleged Secret Boycott has fallen on death ears or should we say phones! The fact is most people rarely respond to unsolicited txt to their phones and certainly do not take them seriously. The cause was in fact worthy of a boycott but the planning and execution of the boycott were flawed. A successful boycott requires organization, extensive planning and execution by a like minded group of people and above all publicity . If you believe in your cause and what you are boycotting for, why try to do it secretively? You might be afraid of what may happen because of your actions and understandably so. Not everyone will agree with your cause or support it for that matter that’s just the way things are. But as long as you have organization, extensive planning, execution and publicity, it only takes a few people to make an impact.