We Create Our Problems and Our Solutions in Our World

Everyday, we are bombarded with news reports on terrorism, murder, rape, earthquake, accidents, failed marriages, joblessness, business failures, lack of finances, militancy, dead, etc.

To most of us, government at various levels should be blamed for creating these problems, or what I love to call challenges.

But, who is government? Truth is, government is you and I, whether military or civilian. We voted our civilian leaders into power. For the military leaders, they may have come into power through the barrel of the guns, or by any other means.

Therefore, our leaders are supposed to be representing our interests, above their selfish, self-centered interests. In theory, this is fantastic. But in reality, records at the public domain shows that it is not always so.

You may agree or disagree with me. Individually, we create our world through our thoughts, words and deeds. As The Rosicrucian Order will say, thoughts have wings and could therefore fly.

So, 90% of the problems or challenges facing humanity today were created by you and I, through our thought processes, not entirely that of government.

And since we are the creator of our problems, we also have the capacity, individually to create the solutions to these problems or challenges.

Terrorism, which is one of the many problems confronting humanity at the global level for instance, began from the minds of individuals as thoughts and gradually spread to the global level.

Today, government in developed and developing countries are spending fortune in local and foreign currencies trying to checkmate the rampaging activities of terrorism. Man the problem, man the solution.

In Nigeria, terrorism and militancy are presently ravaging parts of the country. Honestly speaking, I do not know what members of these groups want.

These terrorists and militants are preaching the gospel of marginalization, neglect, exploration, exploitations, inequality, etc. Which part of the world is not marginalized or exploited, one way or the other?

It is not by revolution, but through evolution are all things accomplished to permanency, so says AMORC.

Take it or leave it, government in developed or developing country cannot provide social amenities 100% for the citizens. But, this does not imply we should take up arms against our fatherland.

It does not also imply that the government should be docile, oppressive and insensitive to the social needs of the citizens.

Some born again Christians think rather erroneously that the problems confronting humanity are created by the devil. This is not true. Again, man is the devil, man is the saint.

Therefore, let us strive to think good, say good and do good at all times and in all situations and world peace could eventually be possible.

Emmanuel Udom is editor of http://www.vicnuel.blogspot.com.ng. He is a teacher, journalist, researcher and private investigator. Udom is also senior correspondent with: http://www.independentnig.com

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Source: We Create Our Problems and Our Solutions in Our World