Anonymous Tip Exposes Secret Boycott Action

We have received a tip of a secret boycott in the works due to the rash of shootings of black people by law enforcement nation wide.  The boycott has been in force since July 8th 2016 and schedule to run until August 9th with two main companies Target Stores and Coca Cola Bottling Products as the target of the boycott. Why is it being called a secret? The call for this boycott is being texted via cell phone to people across the nation and ask each person that receives the txt to forward it to seven more people. They are also ask not to share this information on any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) no social media only txt or word of mouth. The boycott is also calling for the organizing of one million black people to move $100 dollars to black owned businesses and banks such as Citizens Bank and One United or any Black Owned Bank. A peaceful effort is not a bad thing so why be secretive? SHOUT IT TO THE MOUTAIN TOP AND CALL FOR A CHANGE TO THE INJUSTICE THAT IS BEING DONE TO BLACK PEOPLE AROUND THE NATION.