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The Story Of Two Half-Sisters From Ghana — One Who Married Into The Colonial Power Structure And One Sold Into Chattel Slavery

Crossing both oceans and time, Yaa Gyasi’s mesmerizing debut novel follows the descendants of two half-sisters from Ghana—one who married into the colonial power structure and one who was sold into chattel slavery—as their lives are affected by tribal customs, colonial expansion, slavery, and eventually the civil rights movement.

Actor Dominic Hoffman (The Shield) brings rich emotional gravity to his narration, carrying us through the many complex emotional arcs of this epic story. With every new character, his portrayal grounds us in each person’s specific time and place.

We were blown away by how beautifully Gyasi interweaves the deeply personal narratives of her characters with key moments from African and African American history. Vast in scope, Homegoing is an unparalleled depiction of one diasporic family.