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Kanye Aka Ye – Compares Reading Books To Eating Brussels Sprouts

Kanye Aka Ye – Compares Reading Books To Eating Brussels Sprouts

Kanye may not like books, but hip-hop fosters a love of literature. When Ye – the artist formerly known as Kanye West – stated during a recent podcast that he doesn’t read books, some people questioned whether he was sending the wrong message to children. Those questions took on more importance in light of the fact that Ye recently launched Donda Academy, a private educational venture named after his late mother, Donda West, who was herself an English professor. As a rap artist, author and academic, I would never argue that reading lots of books is the only path to gaining knowledge or showing intelligence. After all, I created the first-ever peer-reviewed hip-hop album published by a university press. For my doctoral dissertation in 2017, I made a rap album and resisted any calls to su...

Kanye West Says Black People Are ‘Brainwashed’ and Democrats Are ‘Making Us Abort Our Children’

Kanye West has claimed that black people have been "brainwashed" in America and that Democrats are "making us abort our children." The rapper spoke out about his polarizing political views—including his support of President Donald Trump—in an interview with radio DJ Big Boy on Friday in support of his new album Jesus is King. Just last week, West said that wearing a "MAGA" hat popularized by Trump was "God's practical joke on all liberals." West addressed black Americans who feel he has turned against them by taking a more conservative political stance, telling Big Boy he has turned his back on "the idea of victimization mentality" that he believes has "brainwashed" black people from individual thought. "We always pointing at the white people but yet we wanna spend all our money on fore...

White College Girls Sing Kanye West Song With Racial Slur At Party; Internet Gets Triggered

A group of young white women were caught on an Instagram video dancing and singing along with a Kanye West song entitled “Gold Digger.” Controversy has ensued since the video went public and became viral due to the girls singing the “n-word” when it came up in the song. This event happened at an Alphi Phi sorority party at the University of New Hampshire. A racism “watchdog” type of Facebook group entitled “All Eyes on UNH” featured the video on their page with a caption that was none too friendly. Allegations of racism and bigotry were bandied about. The reality here is that while racial slurs are always taboo, labeling these young girls as racist for singing along to popular music is absurd. Especially when referring to rap music, where words like what were sung in the song by ...