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Outdoor Recreation Isn’t Just for Privileged White Folks Anymore

These organizations help kids of all economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds benefit from adventures in nature. When former professional skier Chris Rutgers founded Outdoor Outreach in 1999, he was simply paying forward what he credits for helping him reconcile his own childhood trauma: experiencing the outdoors with a community of peers. The San Diego-based nonprofit, which is funded through charitable donations and grants, has served more than 10,000 mostly poor and non-White youth for nearly 20 years. Exploring the great outdoors is often associated with Whiteness and economic privilege. But Outdoor Outreach and other youth development programs are shifting the narrative. These organizations aim to make the outdoors—and by extension, the mental, physical, and socia...

T.I. Doesn’t Want To Be Called T.I. Anymore

In 2015, T.I. made an appearance on Rap Radar Podcast and said that the letters of his famous name are “two letters that mean absolutely nothing to me.”The celebrity currently known as T.I. grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, as Tip, a name he has said friends and family called him more often than his government name, Clifford. Early on in his career, he worked with LaFace Records, which the major label Arista Records ended up absorbing. As the hip-hop artist Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest was on Arista, the label decided Tip needed to change his performance name.“[The record label] strongly suggested that I change my name, but I had nothing to change my name to,” Tip told Esquire in 2015. “I’d never been called anything else. I felt like, since it’s just a suggestion, maybe if I come up with n...